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Shunari Eye-Fly (Shunari Eye-Fly)
Home City Mournhold
Location Temple Basement
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 35 Class Thief
Other Information
Health 211 Magicka 188
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Shunari Eye-Fly

Shunari Eye-Fly is a Khajiit thief who can be found in the Temple Basement during the Crimson Plague quest. She provides the critical break in the case allowing you to seal off the threat.

She wears a mostly complete set of netch leather armor, excluding boots, helm, and a right gauntlet. Beneath her armor she wears a common shirt and matching pants. She wields a silver dagger.

Like all Khajiit, she can see well in the dark and can demoralize others for short periods, and the crimson plague has changed some of her attributes, but otherwise she knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Crimson PlagueEdit

When first spoken to:

"Shunari must speak with %PCName! She has seen things, oh yes, things that %PCName needs to know! Quickly, before guard wakes up!"
"Shunari snuck in, and had to knock poor guard out. Guards do not like Shunari; they take her to jail if they see her, and then Shunari will die because she is sick. %PCName must help Shunari, and then Shunari will help %PCName!"
help Shunari
"Yes, yes, %PCName helps now! Shunari saw %PCName go into tomb under temple. When %PCName left, Shunari went in to see if treasure was left. And then... Shunari will not say more. She is sick, and needs help. %PCName will cure her of bad disease, and then Shunari will tell more. Hurry, hurry, before poor Shunari dies! Meet Shunari in Temple Gardens with spell or scroll; Shunari does not trust potions that could be poison. Go see Nerile Andaren. She knows Shunari; she will help."

If spoken to again:

"Please hurry. Shunari is weak, and needs to be cured. She cannot go upstairs, or else guards will see her and take her to prison. Shunari is not safe here, and will meet %PCName in Temple Gardens instead."
"Shunari is sorry that she had to hurt poor man. But he will be fine. %PCName will not tell him what happened, yes?"

If you kill the guard:

"Why has %PCName killed guard? Now Shunari will be blamed! Shunari only meant to knock guard out, not kill him!"
"Why did %PCName kill guard?"

In the Temple Gardens:

"Good %PCName has returned! Is %PCName here to help Shunari?"
help Shunari
"Is %PCName going to help now? Cure Shunari, and then Shunari will help %PCName in return."
I will cure you now.
"Good, good. Shunari is so weak, and needs curing. Use your spell, %PCName, and then Shunari will help." Goodbye
No, not yet
"No? Why does %PCName not help Shunari? Once Shunari is better, she can help %PCName."

After Shunari is cured:

"Ahh. Shunari feels much better. And now Shunari will tell %PCName all about Gedna Relvel."
Gedna Relvel
"Shunari has said that she watched %PCName open tomb. Shunari has often wondered what treasure lays in tomb, but door is too heavy. Shunari cannot open it. So when %PCName leaves, Shunari goes in for a look. She finds corpse in coffin, but corpse gets up and attacks! Poor Shunari can do nothing to fight it. It says it is Gedna Relvel, and has come to spread Crimson Plague to all of Mournhold. Even though Shunari feels ill, she comes to find %PCName for help!"
Crimson Plague
"Bad disease it must be, for it makes poor Shunari feel weak, and hurts her poor head. But %PCName has made Shunari feel much better, so Shunari will not dwell on how %PCName allowed disease to spread by opening forbidden tomb. And now brave %PCName will go find and kill Gedna Relvel!"
Gedna Relvel
"Shunari is scared once she catches bad disease, and wants only to get away from evil lich. So Shunari does not see how secret passage in tomb works. But Shunari will tell %PCName what she has seen of it."
secret passage
"Shunari does not know for sure how passage works. She sees Gedna Relvel walk down ladder, and up to wall between two columns. Shunari looked away, and when she looked back, nasty lich was gone. Will brave %PCName try and enter passage, and kill foul lich?"

If asked about topics again:

help Shunari
"%PCName is wise and good, to have helped poor, sick Shunari."
secret passage
"%PCName should look in room with wooden ladder; columns are there, and wall is between them. Shunari does not know how Gedna Relvel opens the wall; Shunari last saw her standing right in front of it."
Crimson Plague
"%PCName must kill Gedna Relvel, and make bad disease go away!"
Gedna Relvel
"Shunari has not seen anyone leave the tomb since %PCName arrived last. Shunari thinks Gedna Relvel must still be in there. Shunari also thinks %PCName should be looking for her, rather than out here talking."

If you have already found the passage:

secret passage
"%PCName has found the passage, yes? Then %PCName should not be here talking to Shunari. %PCName should be finding Gedna Relvel."

After killing Gedna Relvel:

"Has brave %PCName defeated Gedna Relvel?"
Gedna Relvel
"Gedna Relvel is dead this time, yes? And there is no more treasure to be found? Then Shunari has no reason to stay. %PCName should go tell Nerile Andaren that lich is gone. Shunari will not forget what %PCName has done, though her path may not cross %PCName's again. Farewell."

If spoken to after the quest:

"Shunari has thanked brave %PCName for helping, and for killing evil Gedna Relvel. But now Shunari must go."
secret passage
"Shunari is happy to have helped %PCName find the passage."
Crimson Plague
"Gedna Relvel is gone? Then perhaps others will not get sick from disease like Shunari. %PCName has done a good thing."