Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/SGST

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These records hold information on sigil stones.

Subrecords known to occur in an SGST record include (confirmed):

  • EDID (required): Editor ID (variable length string)
  • FULL (required): Full item name (variable length string)
  • MODL (optional): Model filename (variable length string)
  • MODB (optional): Follows a MODL (4 bytes?)
  • MODT (optional): Sometimes follows a MODB (variable length, 24 or 96 bytes, confirmed)
  • ICON (optional): Model filename (variable length string)
  • SCRI (optional): Script form ID (4 bytes)
  • DATA (required): Sigil stone data (4 bytes)
  • EFID (optional, mult): Effect name (4 bytes, )
  • EFIT (optional, mult): Effect data (24 bytes, )
  • SCIT (optional, mult): Script effect data (16 bytes, )
  • FULL (optional, mult): Script effect name (variable length string)

DATA SubrecordEdit

This subrecord is always 9 bytes long (confirmed) and holds the sigil stone data.

Name Type/Size Info
Uses 1 (byte) Number of uses for a weapon enchantment
Value 4 (dword) Item Value
Weight 4 (float) Item weight

Effect SubrecordsEdit

There will be one set of EFID/EFIT subrecords for each regular effect applied to the ingredient and a set of EFID/EFIT/SCIT/FULL subrecords for each script effect. The data appears to be identical to that used in the ENCH record.

Note that the SGST record can have multiple FULL subrecords. The first is required and will be the item name. Any subsequent FULL subrecords will be a script effect name.