Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/PGRD

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A PGRD record defines the path grid for a cell.

Subrecord Type Info
DATA short Number of nodes
PGRP array Node definitions. Each array entry is 16 bytes.
X-coordinate (float)
Y-coordinate (float)
Z-coordinate (float)
Flags (ubyte)
Filler (3 bytes)
PGRR array Node connections within the current cell. Each array entry is 4 bytes.
Start node number (short)
End node number (short)
PGRI array Node connections to other cells. Each array entry is 16 bytes.
Local node number (long)
X-coordinate of foreign node (float)
Y-coordinate of foreign node (float)
Z-coordinate of foreign node (float)
PGRL struct Linked path points. There is a PGRL subrecord for each linked object.
Linked object form ID (formid)
One or more node numbers (long) that are linked to the object