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An MGEF record defines a magic effect. The magic effect names are fixed and new magic effects cannot be defined in the Construction Set. The 4-character editor ID is used instead of the form ID to refer to a magic effect.

Subrecord Type Info
EDID zstring Effect editor ID
FULL zstring Effect name
DESC zstring Description
ICON zstring ICON filename
MODL zstring Effects NIF
MODB unknown Follows MODL subrecord
DATA struct Sounds/Effects/Flags
ESCE string[*] Counter Effects. This is an array of 4-byte effect names.

DATA SubrecordEdit

The DATA subrecord defines the sounds, effects and flags for a magic effect.

Type Info
ulong Flags
0x00000001 = Hostile
0x00000002 = Recover
0x00000004 = Detrimental
0x00000008 = Magnitude %
0x00000010 = Self
0x00000020 = Touch
0x00000040 = Target
0x00000080 = No duration
0x00000100 = No magnitude
0x00000200 = No area
0x00000400 = FX persist
0x00000800 = Spellmaking
0x00001000 = Enchanting
0x00002000 = No Ingredient
0x00010000 = Use weapon
0x00020000 = Use armor
0x00040000 = Use creature
0x00080000 = Use skill
0x00100000 = Use attribute
0x02000000 = Spray projectile type (Ball if Spray, Bolt or Fog is not specified)
0x04000000 = Bolt projectile type
0x06000000 = Fog projectile type
0x08000000 = No hit effect
float Base cost
long Unknown
long Magic school. See Magic Schools for more information.
long Resist value.
61 = Resist Fire
62 = Resist Frost
63 = Resist Disease
64 = Resist Magic
65 = Resist Normal Weapons
66 = Resist Paralysis
67 = Resist Poison
68 = Resist Shock
ubyte[4] Unknown
formid Light
float Projectile speed
formid Effect shader
formid Enchant effect
formid Casting sound
formid Bolt sound
formid Hit sound
formid Area sound
float Constant Effect enchantment factor
float Constant Effect barter factor