Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/LVLC

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An LVLC record defines a leveled creature. There is an LVLO subrecord for each entry in the leveled list.

Subrecord Type Info
EDID zstring Editor ID
LVLD byte Chance none
LVLF ubyte Flags
0x01 = Calculate from all levels <= player's level
0x02 = Calculate for each item in count
SCRI formid Marker script
TNAM formid Creature template
LVLO short Level
ubyte[2] Unknown
formid Item form ID
short Count
ubyte[2] Unknown

Some of the older LVLC records do not have an LVLF subrecord and instead use the high-order bit of the LVLD subrecord for the "calculate from all levels <= player's level" flag.