Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/LIGH

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LIGH records hold information on a light.

Subrecords known to occur in an LIGH record include (confirmed):

  • EDID (required): Editor ID (variable length string)
  • FULL (optional): Item name (variable length string)
  • MODL (optional): Model filename (variable length string)
  • MODB (optional): Unknown, follows a MODL (4 bytes)
  • MODT (optional): Unknown, follows a MODT (24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144, 168, 192 bytes)
  • SCRI (optional): Script form ID (dword)
  • ICON (optional): Male icon filename (variable length string)
  • DATA (required): Light data (24 or 32 bytes)
  • FNAM (required): Fade value (4 bytes, float)
  • SNAM (optional): Sound form ID (4 bytes, dword)

DATA SubrecordEdit

This subrecord is always 24 or 32 bytes long (confirmed) and holds the light data. The 24 byte record is same as 32 byte record, except that the Falloff Exponent and FOV values are skipped (thus defaulting to values of 1 and 90, respectively.)

Name Type/Size Info
Time 4 (long) Duration time in seconds (?) for a carried light. A value of -1 represents an infinite duration. Default value of -1.
Radius 4 (dword) Light radius in world units.
Light Color 4 (RBG Color) Light color in typical RGB format (byte values for each color).
Flags 4 (dword) Light flags:
0x00000001 = Dynamic
0x00000002 = Can be Carried
0x00000004 = Negative
0x00000008 = Flicker
0x00000020 = Off By Default
0x00000040 = Flicker Slow
0x00000080 = Pulse
0x00000100 = Pulse Slow
0x00000200 = Spot Light
0x00000400 = Spot Shadow
Falloff Exponent 4 (float) How quickly the light's intensity falls off with distance. Default value of 1.
FOV 4 (float) Light's Field of View (FOV) in degrees. Default value of 90.
Value 4 (dword) Light value
Weight 4 (float) Light weight