Tes4Mod:Mod File Format/ALCH

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An ALCH record defines a potion. Each potion effect is defined by a sequence of EFID/EFIT/SCIT/FULL subrecords; see ENCH records. The SCIT and FULL subrecords are included only if the magic effect is a script effect (SEFF).

Subrecord Type Info
EDID zstring Item editor ID
FULL zstring Item name
MODL zstring Model filename
MODB float Bound Radius
MODT structure Texture Files Hashes
ICON zstring ICON filename
SCRI formid Item script (Optional)
DATA float Item weight
ENIT long Item value (ignored if auto-calculate specified)
ubyte[1] Flags
0x01 = No auto-calculate
0x02 = Food item
ubyte[3] Unknown
EFID string[4] Magic effect ID
EFIT string[4] Magic effect ID (same as EFID name)
long Effect magnitude
long Effect area
long Effect duration
long Effect type (always 0 for Self)
long Actor value index (for an attribute or skill effect)
SCIT formID Script effect (Magic effect must be SEFF)
long Magic school. See Magic schools for more information.
string[4] Visual effect name or 0x00000000 if None
ubyte[1] Flags
0x01 = Hostile
ubyte[3] Unknown
FULL zstring Script effect name (Magic effect must be SEFF)