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Is Daggerfall Unity stable to play?Edit

Yes. At this stage crashes are nearly non-existent. There are some bugs (different ones from classic), but they are much fewer than in Daggerfall.

Where on my hard drive are my player log and save games?Edit

Interkarma has written an extensive guide on the forums.

Can I change the location of my Daggerfall Unity save games?Edit

Yes, by editing MyDaggerfallUnitySavePath in the settings.ini file (see above question for directions to it).

Why do I only get a black screen after creating my character?Edit

It can have various causes:

  1. Use different Daggerfall game data; often the GOG version causes problems. Use the DaggerfallGameFiles.zip instead. You may need to erase your settings.ini file afterward.
  2. Run the Daggerfall Unity application as an administrator (right-click in Windows).
  3. Start the game without any mods, deleting settings.ini beforehand. (Reddit source)

How do I upgrade DFU?Edit

Download the newest version at the Live Builds page. Unzip it into a brand new folder, never on top of your old version. Transfer any mods you used in your old version to your new version, checking on-line if they have any updates for the new build. You do not need to move your saves.

How do I open the initial Daggerfall Unity menu if I told it to never open again?Edit

Open the settings.ini file in your persistent data folder, find the [GUI] section, and there replace

ShowOptionsAtStart = False


ShowOptionsAtStart = True

Alternatively, mash the Shift button when DFU first loads its black screen (ver. 0.10.22 and above)

How can I get better performance if the game is slow or choppy?Edit

Enable "retro rendering" mode in the options under Advanced > Video and set this to 320x200. Also, disable shadows for Interior, Exterior, and Dungeon, on the same page as the retro mode setting.

Why do I see water patches on the ground in odd places?Edit

This is typically due to graphics processing below what DFU requires.

Interkarma explained: "The "water everywhere" problem is typically caused by a lower-end GPU unable to sample the tilemap correctly in shader. I've seen this most often with older integrated GPUs. The minimum spec requires a dedicated graphics card around the level of a GeForce 660 from 2012."

Use a video benchmarking site to compare your video card to a GeForce 660.

The game doesn't make any sound. How can I fix this?Edit

ASUS motherboard audio drivers can be problematic. Try uninstalling the sound drivers and letting Windows install them, or disabling the Sonic Studio enhancement for the ASUS card.

I see giant townspeople walking around. Why?Edit

You probably have DREAM and Villager Immersion Overhaul installed. In your mod order, put Village Immersion Overhaul after DREAM.

Why do NPCs have no portrait in the dialogue window?Edit

Run Daggerfall Unity as an administrator (right-click the Daggerfall Unity exe, then choose "Run as Administrator").

How can I take screenshots of DFU without the HUD?Edit

Shift+F10 removes the HUD.