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Placing this on an article will let others know that you are working on it over a reasonable period of time. It will also place the article into the appropriate works in progress category. Bulleted lists of the pages marked as WIPs by a specific user can be generated using {{User WIPs}}.


Parameter Scope Description
1 or
optional Name of editor who is revamping the page (usually the same editor who is placing the tag).
2 or
optional Date on which WIP tag was placed. Date alone is sufficient but you can also use 5 tildes (date=~~~~~) to have the wiki fill in a full timestamp.
3 or
optional Additional note or comment by the person editing the page. This can be used to indicate what's being done or note any discrepancies caused by the edits.


This article is currently undergoing a major expansion or revamping by Example. However, you are free to help in the construction of this page by improving it—use the talk page to do so. Please review the edit history if you would like to see whether the page is still being worked on. If the editor who placed this notice has not made any changes in a while, please contact the editor or, if they're inactive, remove this template. This WIP notice was originally posted on 23:06, 1 April 2010 (UTC).