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This template is used to add links to the ESO Skills Browser using the <esoskill> tag. With JavaScript enabled in your browser, hovering over the link produces a skill tooltip with basic information about the skill.


Skill Link
Parameter Scope Description
name required The name of the skill.
id required The ID of the skill. The skill ID can be found directly from the Skills Browser.
level optional Character level from 1 to 66. Veteran ranks V1-V16 can be specified as 51-66. Default 66.
health optional Max Health of a character. Default 20000.
magicka optional Max Magicka of a character. Default 20000.
stamina optional Max Stamina of a character. Default 20000.
weapondamage optional A character's Weapon Damage value. Default 2000.
spelldamage optional A character's Spell Damage value. Default 2000.
showall optional When showall=1 (default), all skill ranks are shown when the link is opened. Set to 0 to only show Rank IV of active skills.
line optional Only matters for racial passives that are shared by multiple races (ex: Gift of Magnus) in order to display the tooltip with the correct skill line and learned level.
If level is specified, and any of health, magicka, stamina, weapondamage or spelldamage are not, those left unspecified will be auto-calculated based on the level (using a linear scale from 1000-20000 for attributes and 100-2000 for damage).


{{Skill Link|Crystal Shard|id=47552}}
{{Skill Link|Crystal Frags II|id=47565|level=20}}

Crystal Shard
Crystal Frags II