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Inserts a navigation bar on the page (typically as a footer, though it can be used anywhere).


Note: No linking is done by the template.

Nav Footer
Parameter Scope Description
prev Optional Previous page. (Displays "None" if not specified.)
next Optional Next page. (Displays "None" if not specified.)
conc Optional Concurrent page.
up Optional Parent page.


{{Nav Footer
|Prev=[[Oblivion:The Coldest Sleep|The Coldest Sleep]]
|Next=[[Oblivion:Following a Lead|Following a Lead]]
|Up=[[Oblivion:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]]
Prev: The Coldest Sleep Up: Dark Brotherhood Next: Following a Lead
{{Nav Footer
|Prev=[[Shivering:Baiting the Trap|Baiting the Trap]]
|Conc=[[Shivering:The Lady of Paranoia|The Lady of Paranoia]] or<br> [[Shivering:Addiction|Addiction]]
|Next=[[Shivering:The Cold Flame of Agnon|The Cold Flame of Agnon]]
|Up=[[Shivering:Main Quest|]]
Prev: Baiting the Trap Up: Main Quest
Conc: The Lady of Paranoia or
Next: The Cold Flame of Agnon