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Placing this template on the top of a page will list that page on Category:Proposed Deletion and Category:Marked for Deletion. For more information, see UESPWiki:Proposed Deletion.


Parameter Scope Description
1 required The reason the page should be deleted.
bot required for bots Set this value to indicate that this is a bot deletion. Bot deletions will be noted within the message text and categorized into Category:Proposed Deletion (Bot) instead of the regular category.
contested optional Set to either 1 or the title of the talk page section if you contest the deletion and wish to have a talk page discussion about it. Longer discussions or deletions that are likely to be highly controversial can be taken to Deletion Review.
originaldate optional The date the article was originally put up for deletion in YYYY/MM/DD format. This can be used if the page was originally put up for speedy deletion and then changed, or if other inconsequential edits have been made to the page since the deletion notice was posted.
nocat optional If a value is passed for this parameter, the page will not be categorized. This will normally only be used for documentation purposes.


{{Proposeddeletion|Page no longer required, content moved to [[Oblivion:Oblivion]].}}
This article has been proposed for deletion because of the following concern:
Page no longer required, content moved to Oblivion:Oblivion.

If you can address this concern by improving the article, please edit this page and do so. You may remove this notice if you improve this article or object to this deletion for any reason. To avoid confusion, please explain why you contest the deletion on your edit summary and on this page's talk page.

Administrators, don't forget to check the page history (last edit), what links here, and the abuse filter log before deletion. This page was last modified on 2023/02/01.