Template:Online Quest Objective


This template standardizes the way quest objectives are listed in the various quest stage tables for ESO. This template was based on {{Quest Objective}}.


Online Quest Objective
Parameter Scope Description
1 required The objective type. (hidden, hint, optional or choice; if normal, leave blank)
2 required The text of the objective.


{{Online Quest Objective||Enter the portal}}
Objective: Enter the portal
{{Online Quest Objective|hidden|Intimidate Nicolene}}
Hidden Objective: Intimidate Nicolene
{{Online Quest Objective|hint|Talk to Jakarn}}
Objective Hint: Talk to Jakarn
{{Online Quest Objective|optional|Talk to Neramo}}
Optional Step: Talk to Neramo
{{Online Quest Objective|choice|Talk to Kaleen|Talk to Lambur}}
Complete one: Talk to Kaleen or Talk to Lambur