Template:Furnishing Summary 2


This template is intended to create a summary on Furnishing pages, including an infobox, image, description, trail, and categories. This template standardizes the data storage for all Furnishing items. This will be read by templates on Furnishing list pages to standardize the display on these pages and allow for easier edits and consistent data storage.


Furnishing Summary 2
Parameter Scope Description
id optional The item id of the item.
cat required The furnishing category of the item
subcat required The furnishing sub-category of the item
species optional The species of the plant, animal, or fungus, used for categorization
quality optional The quality of the item: Normal, Fine, Superior, Epic, or Legendary (n, f, s, e, or l are also acceptable)
style optional Style motif of the item
titlename optional The name of the item if it differs from the filename (generally due to restricted characters not allowed in filenames, but also in cases where two items have the same name and require disambiguation in their filenames)
size required* The size of the item, indicated in its description: Tiny, Small, Standard, Large, Huge. Not needed if using [desc].
desc required* The description text of the item - if omitted, will default to display "This is a [size] house item." Note that neither [size] nor [desc] are required per se, but at least one of them should be used in all cases. Both may be used if the item can be classified by size but also has a non-default description.
nickname optional The default nickname of the item (used for Mounts and Non-Combat Pets).
note optional Catch-all field for assorted additional notes.
collectible optional Flag indicating this item is a Collectible
animated optional Flag indicating this item is animated
audible optional Flag indicating this item is audible
creature optional Flag indicating this item is a creature (only for behavior purposes - do not use for Mounts or Non-Combat Pets, those are different)
interactable optional Flag indicating this item is interactable
light optional Flag indicating this item is a light source (not necessarily related to the Lighting category)
readable optional Flag indicating this item is readable
sittable optional Flag indicating this item is sittable
visualfx optional Flag indicating this item is a visual effect
trainingdummy optional Flag indicating this item is a training dummy
Furnishing Type
traditional optional Traditional Furnishings include most normal furnishings.
specialf optional Special Furnishings include visual effects furnishings, which are limited to improve performance. There are few available; examples include Fogs of the Hag Fen (image) and Mists of the Hag Fen (image)
collectible optional Collectible Furnishings are received as Achievement rewards or certain Crown Store items, and are only usable as furnishings. Gallery Statuettes. static Collectibles, such as Undaunted Trophies. These are not found in the character inventory.
specialc optional Special Collectibles include all animated Collectibles, such as Mounts, Non-Combat Pets, and Assistants.
bound optional The item will be bound to your account as follows:
  • 0: Unbound
  • 1: Bind On Pickup

Bound items cannot be traded with other players. Examples include: Collectibles, Furnishings received through quests / achievements, Crown Store and Housing Editor furnishings

antiquity optional These special pieces of furniture can be excavated via the Antiquities system. Enter the Zone this item is found in.
lead1…20 optional The lead or zone may be entered here. Some antiquities have several parts / leads to gather.
crime optional Method (and location/target if applicable) by which the item may be acquired illegally, e.g.: Thieves Troves, Pickpocketing Guards, Safeboxes in Hew's Bane, etc.
fishing optional Type of fishing hole the item can found in: Foul, Lake, River, Ocean - if unknown, set to "Unknown"
harvest optional Type of harvesting node the item can be found on: Wood, Cloth, Ore, Flower, Water Plant, Fungus, Water, Runestone
houses optional House or list of houses which contain the item when purchased. (No link needed if only 1 house.) If it occurs only in the furnished version, list should indicate "(furnished)" after the house link. Likewise for the few cases when items exist only in the unfurnished version. Items which are found in both versions do not need to be distinguished.
loot optional Type of container and location(s) where item can be looted, e.g.: "Treasure chests in Vvardenfell". (Do not include Thieves Troves - see below)
quest optional Quest that rewards item, autolinked
questcat optional Required if quest is specified
other optional Other means of acquiring the item, e.g. Collector's Editions, Furnishing Packs, etc.
achievement optional Name of the achievement required to acquire this item
achievementalt optional Alternate page title for the achievement (used if the achievement title conflicts with another page of the same name)
achievecat optional Category of the achievement - generally the zone it occurs in, should correspond with the categories in Online-Furnishing Images-Achievements by Source
vendor deprecated Use [vendorgold], [vendorcrowns], [vendorap], [vendorcg], [vendorwv], [vendortv] instead.
vendorother deprecated As above
vendorgold optional Name or location of the vendor(s) who sell this item for Gold
pricegold optional Price in Gold
vendorcrowns optional Location of the vendor which sells this item for Crowns (either "Crown Store" or "Housing Editor")
pricecrowns optional Price in Crowns
vendorap optional Name or location of the vendor(s) who sell this item for Alliance Points
priceap optional Price in Alliance Points
vendortv optional Name of the vendor(s) who sell this item for Tel Var Stones (location automatically set to Imperial City Sewers)
pricetv optional Price in Tel Var Stones
vendorwv optional Name of the vendor who sells this item for Writ Vouchers (location automatically set to the 3 capital cities)
pricewv optional Price in Writ Vouchers
vendorcg optional Name of the Crown Crate theme in which this item is sold, e.g. "Storm Atronach"
vendorcgpreview optional Name of the Preview Crown Crate theme in which this item is sold, e.g. "Baandari Pedlar". (Use this for items found in the Preview crate but not the regular one.)
pricecg optional Price in Crown Gems
priceet optional Price in Event Tickets
vendorcity optional City (or cities) in which the Gold vendor(s) sell this item. (If multiple cities, links must be provided.)
vendorcityap optional City (or cities) in which the Alliance Point vendor(s) sell this item. (If multiple cities, links must be provided.)
vendorcity2 deprecated Use [vendorcity] for Gold or [vendorcityap] for Alliance Points. Other currencies either do not have cities or they are set automatically.
luxury optional Flag indicating this is a Luxury item only sold by the Luxury Furnisher
datestart deprecated First date the item was available in the form: YYYY/MM/DD The date information is now provided by the Furnishing Luxury Entry template to support items released on more than one date.
dateend deprecated Last date the item was available, as above
Book Collections
bookcollection optional Name of the collection, without the "Guild Reprint:" part.
book1…20 optional Names of the books in this collection. Will auto-link. If auto-link is inappropriate (e.g. for disambiguation), just provide the full link.
craft optional The crating skill used to create this item: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, Provisioning, Woodworking. Note: this refers to the type of crafting station you need to use, not the skill(s) required.
recipeid optional The item id of the recipe for the item
master optional Flag if this is a Masterwork recipe from Rolis Hlaalu
master2 optional Flag if this is a Masterwork recipe from Faustina Curio
recipename optional Full name of the recipe, including "Design: ", "Pattern: ", etc. (use only if it does not match the item name)
recipequality optional Quality of the recipe (use only if it does not match the item quality)
Crafting Materials
regulus optional Amount of Regulus required to craft
bast optional Amount of Bast required to craft
heartwood optional Amount of Heartwood required to craft
rune optional Amount of Mundane Runes required to craft
pelt optional Amount of Clean Pelts required to craft
resin optional Amount of Alchemical Resin required to craft
wax optional Amount of Decorative Wax required to craft
ochre optional Amount of Ochre required to craft
stylemat optional Type of Style material required to craft
stylematcount optional Amount of Style material required to craft
othermats deprecated Use othermat1 through othermat4 instead.
othermat1…4 optional Any other materials (and their amounts) required to craft. Note that unlike the other materials, links and other formatting for these must be done manually, e.g. Fish, Bervez Juice, etc.
Crafting Skills
alchemy optional Solvent Proficiency skill required to craft
blacksmithing optional Metalworking skill required to craft
clothing optional Tailoring skill required to craft
enchanting optional Potency Improvement skill required to craft
provisioning optional Recipe Improvement skill required to craft
woodworking optional Woodworking skill required to craft
jewelry optional Engraver skill required to craft