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Due to the sensitive nature of this template and the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
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This template makes it easier to link NPCs to their faction pages.

The template makes two assumptions:

  1. There exists a "faction" page in the specified namespace (the current one if none is specified).
  2. The faction you specify is present on the relevant page exactly as specified (e.g., if the faction is called "Joe's Faction", you must specify "Joe's Faction" as the name).


Parameter Scope Description
1 required Faction to which to link.
2 optional Rank of NPC within the faction.
altname optional Value to display in the link to the faction. (This should only be used in User space; in gamespaces, this is normally loaded from the faction page.)
ns_base optional Alternate namespace for the faction pages if the default is not to be used.
nocat optional Set to yes to not add category (for example, within tables of NPCs).


{{Faction|Mages Guild|Evoker}}

Guild for Mages Evoker(EvokerĀ Evoker)

{{Faction|Fighters Guild|0|ns_base=Oblivion}}

Fighters Guild 0(AssociateĀ Associate)

Loaded Values

The following values are loaded internally by the template from faction pages. They should normally be saved by using {{Save Named Values}} on the page.

Parameter Scope Description
Rank_rank optional The name of the character's rank in the faction.
RankIcon_rank optional The image to display after the rank.
altname optional The value to display in the link to the faction. If not found, the name of the faction will be used, less any disambiguation text.
catname optional The name to use in the categories used to group the members of the faction. If not found, the name of the faction will be used, less any disambiguation text.
link optional The full faction link for the redirect, including the namespace, but without the [[ ]]. This allows for both page name conflicts as well as cross-namespace linking, when necessary.

Saved Values

The following values are saved to pages in Morrowind-related spaces only. This functionality can probably be moved to the NPC Summary and NPC Data templates in the future.

Parameter Scope Description
faction required Same as faction parameter.
factionRank optional Specified rank parameter or corresponding Rank_rank from faction page, if available.