Template:Book Footer

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Displays a footer on book pages.


If no values are provided at all, they will be inherited from the {{Lore Book}} or {{Game Book}} template above them, if any. If those provide no values either, the template will display nothing (though it will still turn off the special book formatting).

Book Footer
Parameter Scope Description
prev optional Previous entry in the series of books. If empty or not provided, will display "None".
up optional Name of the series/collection of books, linking to an umbrella page on which all the entries are transcluded. If not provided, will not be displayed at all.
next optional next entry in the series of books. If empty or not provided, will display "None".


Normally, this template is used with no parameters at all following a {{Lore Book}} or {{Game Book}} template. In those cases, it will inherit the prev, up, and next values from there.
{{Book Booter}}
In rare instances, however, you might want to override the inherited parameters, either partially or completely. For example, overriding only the next value:
{{Book Footer
Finally, if the parameters aren't provided by a previous template or in the Book Footer call itself, the Book Footer will simply remain blank.
{{Book Footer}}