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This page is the Tamriel Rebuilt complement to this one. In addition to the guild guides, boats, and silt strider caravans found in Vvardenfell, the mainland also features river striders, large aquatic bugs that provide an alternative to boats, as well as rickshaw-based caravans. However, there is no propylon network on the mainland yet.

The optional TR_Travels plugin makes significant changes to the Vvardenfell and mainland transport networks in order to connect them. Boats cross the Inner Sea and a district-level guild guide is added to the largest city in each Morrowind district, currently Vivec, Firewatch, and Old Ebonheart.

Transport options in the 20.02 release with no additional plugins
Transport options in the 20.02 release with TR_Travels enabled
Transport options in the 20.02 release with TR_Preview and TR_Travels_PreviewAndMainland enabled


The Eternal Voyager at the Helnim docks

Boat transport is available to and from most major settlements near water. There are various types of seagoing transports, the most common being a large single-masted three-deck ship, or the smaller open boats found in the poorer settlements.

There is no route connecting Bal Oyra with the eastern side of Telvannis, which means that most boat connections are divided into two separate boat networks, one for the Inner Sea and one for the Padomaic Ocean. The Inner Sea network connects with Vvardenfell if TR_Travels is enabled. There is also a connection between the Mundrethi Plantation and Oran Plantation on the Thirr River.

Boat services are available from the following settlements:

Inner Sea
Origin Shipmaster Ship Destinations
Almas Thirr Ralis Nalor Fruit of Labor Indal-ruhn Old Ebonheart
Bahrammu Marthen Redri Unnamed rowboat Bal Oyra Dagon Fel*
Bal Oyra Viania Claeni Wild Wave Firewatch Bahrammu
Firewatch Virevar Tilvayn Tasty Seahorse Bal Oyra Helnim Dagon Fel*
Helnim Andrere Moriard The Eternal Voyager Marog Firewatch Ildrim Sadrith Mora*
Ildrim Ieva Llori Maelstrom Marog Helnim Tel Branora* Old Ebonheart
Indal-ruhn Balyn Ilvenes Unnamed ship Almas Thirr
Marog Selothril Llana Canyon Crawler Helnim Ildrim Sadrith Mora* Tel Branora*
Old Ebonheart Aeta the Spear The Skaarling Queen Ildrim Almas Thirr Ebonheart*

* Added by TR_Travels.

Padomaic Ocean
Origin Shipmaster Ship Destinations
Alt Bosara Hlavora Gilnith Unnamed ship Necrom Llothanis
Enamor Dayn Laga gra-Shogar Muck Rat Gorne Necrom
Gah Sadrith Nuleno Nethri Unnamed ship Llothanis
Gorne Rellus Delano The Ghostly Lady Enamor Dayn
Llothanis Erendas Senatam Unnamed ship Gah Sadrith Alt Bosara
Necrom Tedril Nothro Narcolepsy Alt Bosara Enamor Dayn
Thirr Plantations
Origin Shipmaster Ship Destinations
Mundrethi Plantation Nol gro-Yalagrump Unnamed rowboat Oran Plantation
Oran Plantation Llehra Sarani Unnamed rowboat Mundrethi Plantation

Vvardenfell Changes and AdditionsEdit

These changes are made to shipmasters on Vvardenfell if TR_Travels is enabled.

EbonheartNevosi Hlan
Removed: Hla Oad; Sadrith Mora; Tel Branora
Added: Seyda Neen; Old Ebonheart
Same: Vivec
Dagon FelHaema Farseer
Removed: Sadrith Mora; Tel Aruhn
Added: Firewatch; Bahrammu
Same: Khuul; Tel Mora
Hla OadBaleni Salavel
Removed: Ebonheart; Molag Mar; Vivec
Added: Seyda Neen
Same: Gnaar Mok
Molag MarRindral Dralor
Removed: Hla Oad
Same: Vivec; Tel Branora
Sadrith MoraGals Arethi
Removed: Ebonheart; Dagon Fel; Tel Branora
Added: Helnim; Marog; Tel Aruhn
Same: Tel Mora
Tel AruhnDaynas Darys
Removed: Dagon Fel
Added: Sadrith Mora
Same: Tel Mora; Vos
Tel BranoraNireli Farys
Removed: Ebonheart; Sadrith Mora
Added: Ildrim; Marog
Same: Molag Mar; Vivec
VivecAno Andaram
Removed: Hla Oad
Same: Ebonheart; Molag Mar; Tel Branora
VosSedyni Veran
Removed: Sadrith Mora
Same: Tel Aruhn; Tel Mora

These shipmasters are added to Vvardenfell:

Origin Shipmaster Ship Destinations
Seyda Neen Sentius Veros Unnamed rowboat Ebonheart Hla Oad

River StriderEdit

The river strider at Tel Ouada

These huge aquatic arthropod are bred and raised by the Telvanni to act as an alternative to boats. A large fungus is grafted to the top of their abdominal shell, living symbiotically with the animal; in that fungus a cabin for passengers is hollowed. The therionaut takes place atop the creature's head, under a small overhang supported by the strider's antenna. The antenna are coated in a fungal infection which allows the therionaut to control the strider by manipulating them. Between the head and the abdomen, a thin thorax sports four long legs and two impressive wings. While the wings cannot be used for flight, the creature can use them as sails to gain speed.

Origin Therionaut Destinations
Alt Bosara Masalmalu Mendas Tel Mothrivra Llothanis
Gah Sadrith Yugil Nethri Port Telvannis
Llothanis Dedave Atherayn Tel Ouada Port Telvannis Alt Bosara
Port Telvannis Dolmse Andala Llothanis Tel Ouada
Port Telvannis Gadam Tiren Gah Sadrith Sadas Plantation
Sadas Plantation Mordinara Valethi Port Telvannis
Tel Mothrivra Orvano Tralen Alt Bosara
Tel Ouada Aamunos Rolvar Llothanis Port Telvannis

Silt StriderEdit

A Silt Strider in Sadas Plantation

Colossal creatures resembling gigantic fleas, silt striders are domesticated to act as beasts of burden for long distance travel. The Sadas Plantation breeds silt striders, as well as netch and the relatively smaller plain striders. Outside of the transportation trade, striders are valued for their hardy chitin.

Origin Caravaner Destinations
Aimrah Lleres Sarando Almas Thirr Vhul
Akamora Dravil Bradyn Necrom Sailen Tel Muthada
Almas Thirr Ivrea Llothro Aimrah Vhul
Bosmora Hlor Gonav Sailen Meralag*
Helnim Sera Bavan Tel Muthada Ranyon-ruhn
Meralag Llero Marsur Bosmora* Vhul*
Necrom Vernis Drethan Sailen Akamora
Ranyon-ruhn Milara Selenoth Tel Ouada Helnim
Sailen Fathusa Balvel Necrom Akamora Bosmora
Tel Muthada Valna Sippusoti Helnim Akamora
Tel Ouada Varusha Caril Ranyon-ruhn
Vhul Riltse Helandil Aimrah Almas Thirr Meralag*

* Added by TR_Travels.

Guild GuideEdit

The Mages Guild maintain a network of teleporters, the Guild Guides, adept mystics who can teleport other persons instantaneously to a well-known location. In some places where the Guild cannot hold a full-fledged guildhall but where a guild guide is needed anyway, a small relay might be maintained instead; in these places the guide's services are usually restricted to guildmates and Imperial officials, while guides in guildhalls offer their services to anyone who can afford them.

Without TR_Travels, there is one guild guide network, with Akamora connecting to every other location and vice versa. TR_Travels adds Bosmora and splits the network into two hubs (confined within a single Morrowind district), such that all guides connect to the other guides in the hub. The primary cities for these hubs are Firewatch and Old Ebonheart. Additionally, it adds a new guild guide to Vivec and each main hub city that together form a district-level hub.

Without TR_TravelsEdit

Origin Guild Guide Destinations
Akamora Mjara Firewatch Bal Oyra Helnim Old Ebonheart
Bal Oyra Hessei-Lig Firewatch Akamora
Firewatch Garath Bal Oyra Helnim Akamora
Helnim Simpremus Comnor Firewatch Akamora
Old Ebonheart Elvilde Akamora

With TR_TravelsEdit

Firewatch Hub
Origin Guild Guide Destinations
Bal Oyra Hessei-Lig Firewatch Helnim
Firewatch Garath Bal Oyra Helnim
Helnim Simpremus Comnor Firewatch Akamora
Old Ebonheart Hub
Origin Guild Guide Destinations
Akamora Mjara Old Ebonheart Bosmora
Bosmora Gwenifyr Akamora Old Ebonheart
Old Ebonheart Elvilde Akamora Bosmora
District Hub
Origin Guild Guide Destinations
Firewatch Arlie Drest Vivec Old Ebonheart
Vivec Ohmonir Firewatch Old Ebonheart
Old Ebonheart Barabus Inclodios Vivec Firewatch

Non-Mages GuildEdit

Oddly, a non-Mages Guild member offers transport in a way that is presumably the same as a guild guide.

Origin Guild Guide Destinations
Gah Sadrith Marin Thelaro Port Telvannis


Currently there is a rickshaw connection between Bosmora and Enamor Dayn. This works exactly the same as a silt strider or boat.

Origin Caravaner Destinations
Bosmora Lladas Varayne Enamor Dayn
Enamor Dayn Bradli Arvil Bosmora

Mournhold TeleportEdit

After being attacked by assassins, if you speak to guards on the mainland, they will not direct you to Apelles Matius but to Senillos Tulnus. After that, Garrus Melorus will offer you free, instant transport to Mournhold when you ask him about Transport To Mournhold. Effe-Tei in the Royal Palace can transport you back. He can also still send you to Ebonheart as he doesn't know whether you arrived thanks to Garrus Melorus or to Asciene Rane.