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This is a list of settled places in Tamriel Rebuilt.

Metropolises (Tier I)Edit

Necrom — An ancient Temple facility, home to funerary traditions that predate the Tribunal.
Old Ebonheart — The main Imperial hub in Morrowind, built on the ruins of the historical Ebonheart.
  • Ebon Tower — The main Imperial hub in Morrowind, built on the ruins of the historical Ebonheart.
Port Telvannis — The huge capital city of Great House Telvanni, on a large island off the eastern coast of the mainland.

Cities (Tier II)Edit

Firewatch — An important Imperial city on the mainland, to the east of Vos and Tel Mora.
Gah Sadrith — A medium-sized Telvanni town just south of Port Telvannis.

Towns (Tier III)Edit

Akamora — An Indoril city built into the sides of a mountain valley.
Almas Thirr — A large Tribunal Temple city and pilgrimage site spanning the Thirr River.
Helnim — An Imperial city on the decline, though still an important trade center.

Villages (Tier IV)Edit

Aimrah — Great house Indoril's outpost on Lake Andaram.
Alt Bosara — A small Telvanni town, south of Lake Boethiah, dominated by a large waterfall.
Bahrammu — A very poor ramshackle settlement, the northernmost of the Telvannis district.
Bal Oyra — A small Imperial charter town with a keep and a lighthouse.
Bosmora — An idyllic and wealthy Indoril trading settlement due to its proximity to the capital.
Dondril — A farming village surrounded by a palisade, south of Old Ebonheart.
Enamor Dayn — A secluded Indoril community.
Gorne — A secluded Indoril island, clanstead of the Sandil family.
Ildrim — A fishing village in the Sundered Scar.
Llothanis — A Telvanni town in the eastern Molagreahd spanning the Nebet Bay.
Marog — A small Telvanni town, built into the cliff face opposite the Imperial city of Helnim.
Meralag — A sleepy town in the Alt Orethan region.
Ranyon-ruhn — A small Telvanni settlement with an ebony mine.
Sadas Plantation — A Telvanni plantation raising netch and silt striders.
Sailen — A small farming settlement suited for traveling pilgrims.
Tel Mothrivra — A great Tribunal Temple fortress built around a monastery dedicated to St. Delyn.
Tel Muthada — A Telvanni town, located at the Helnim Fields.
Tel Ouada — A Telvanni settlement dominated by the local Telvanni mage lord's tower.
Vhul — An Indoril town known for brewing punavit.

Outposts (Tier V)Edit

Ammar — A remote fortress located on top of a hill on the coast of the Inner Sea.
Cephorad Keep — A small Imperial fort at the eastern side of Tel Muthada.
Dreynim Spa — A spa resort built into a cliff in the Lan Orethan region.
Erethan Plantation — A wickwheat plantation to the north of Akamora.
Fort Umbermoth — A tiny Imperial Fort just south of Sailen.
Nethril Plantation — A comberry, corkbulb, and wickwheat plantation at the southern edge of Mephalain Mountains.
Oran Plantation
Roa Dyr — A chapel-city of Indoril located in east Aanthirin near Thirr river.
Tel Aranyon — A high Telvanni tower directly east of Ranyon-ruhn, ruled by Master Mithras.
Tel Narrusa — A large twisted Telvanni tower ruled by and named after the Mad Lord of Helnim.
Vathras Plantation — A plantation on the southeastern edge of Roth Roryn.
Windmoth Legion Fort — An Imperial fort, full of corruption, which is located deep within the Telvanni lands.

Hamlets (Tier VI)Edit

Acre of Saint Meris — A small farm in the Sacred Lands region.
Adurin-Ouaka — A poor shack village, at the western coast of Lake Boethiah.
Akamora Mines
Alendu Plantation — A muckspunge farm to the east of Tel Ouada.
Areno Varo's House
Ashamul — A tiny troglodytic community in the Boethiah's Spine.
Baldrahn — A tiny muck farming community just south of Llothanis.
Boethian Mountains Lighthouse — A beacon of light on the western shore of the Sea of Ghosts, east of Sarvanni.
Delos Deralin's House
Denaven Manor
Dreynim — A lumber village in the Lan Orethan region.
Edhryn Farothran's Lighthouse — An isolated lighthouse on a cape which juts out into the Sea of Ghosts, southeast of Baldrahn.
Evos — A small town in the Mephalan Vales.
Felms Ithul — A small velk farm on east bank of Thirr River.
Galam and Mehra Telas' House
Gol Mok — A tiny Hlaalu fishing village, located near the mouth of the river Thirr.
Halaran Camp — A small campsite in the Telvanni Isles, northeast of Port Telvannis.
Harethim Manor — A small house in the shadow of Bisandryon in the Lan Orethan region.
Heleran's Lodge — The home of a Telvanni spellwright who prefers the quiet life.
Hla Bulor — A small shack village northeast of Tel Mothrivra.
Hlersis — A small cave settlement and mine town in the Sacred Lands.
The Inn Between — A hidden retreat for adventurers located in the Mephalan Vales.
Lan Orethan Outpost
Llaran Manor
Lumber Camp
Melethi Lighthouse — A ray of light guiding the ships into Lake Boethiah.
Mundrethi Plantation — A large farm owned by Lethys Mundrethi.
Orelu Plantation — A corkbulb and saltrice plantation to the east of Tel Ouada.
Rethil Manor
Rilsoan — Small fishing village on island in Indoril part of Aanthirin region.
Romithren Monastery
Sacred Lands Sanctuary
Sadavel Plantation — A corkbulb, and wickwheat plantation north of Dreynim.
Salvu Manor
Sarvanni Molecrab Farm — A small molecrab farm in the Boethiah's Spine.
Sassanibat's Yurt
Seitur — A small town located along the coast of Nedothril.
Sennahanib Camp
Serynthul — An infirmary located in Velothi tower directly east of Old Ebonheart.
Sinramen Monastery — An isolated Velothi tower in the Nedothril region.
Soramil and Rothera Galdavo's House
Tahvel — A large mining operation in the Mephalan Vales.
Tel Oren — An isolated Telvanni tower, at the eastern coast of the Inner Sea, the study of Mistress Faruna.
Telvanni Library — A vast repository of knowledge and wisdom, located in the Boethiah's Spine.
Telvanni Waystation — A small outpost just north of Alt Bosara.
Thalotheran Manor
Tharonen Manor — A mansion in the woods of Lan Orethan region.
Tilmeth Manor — A moderate estate in the Alt Orethan region.
Tomaril Manor — A hilltop mansion in the Mephalan Vales.
Veralan Farm — An isolated farmstead some way east of Marog.
Verulas Pass — A small village south of Alt Bosara.
Vlars Manor

Isolated HomesEdit

Abandoned Shack — A tiny shack on a hill, left alone by civilization.
Adosi Rothari's Shack — An isolated dwelling belonging to a guar herder.
Amanil Gratis' Shack
Astius Claenia's Hideout — A cave hidden in the Boethiah's Spine northeast of Llothanis.
Barathmuk gro-Bagrat's shack
Darith Garsun's Shack
Dassur-Kur Lookout
Dathren Shack
Derelict Shack — A rotting, overgrown shack to the southwest of Ildrim.
Dulun Varethi's Shack
Duvana's Shack
Endelius' Shack — An isolated homestead on an island east of Edhryn Farothran's Lighthouse.
Erda's Shack
Erelis Ilnim's Cave
Eroth Island Shack
Forsaken Shack
Garvs and Fedura Ovav's Shack
Gurilo Farmhouse — A small farm in the Nedothril region.
Hjotir's Rock House — The home of a reclusive master-at-arms on the shore of the Sea of Ghosts, near Baldrahn.
Hlorgir Firm-Hand's Shack
Hunted Hound Inn — A small inn north of Seitur.
Jaran's Shack — A shack in the Alt Orethan region just south of Meralag.
Lagat gra-Lumbak's Shack — A shack in the Sundered Scar region.
Lagryn Darys' Shack — A small farmhouse just southwest of Llothanis.
Lanasa Vidanes' Shack — An isolated shack in the Boethiah's Spine.
Lleris Dalmar's Hideout
Llethnen Indri's Shack — A shack in the Padomaic Ocean region.
Loen Doldal's Shack — The isolated dwelling belonging to a silt-strider farmer.
Lost Shack
Mendris Terif's Shack
Morvil Arelath's Shack — An isolated farm west of Tel Muthada and south of Marog.
Murva Inveru's Shack
Nalrin Vere's Shack — The home of a flower farmer, deep in the countryside.
Nethil Farmhouse — A small farm growing comberry, corkbulb, and meadow rye.
Nilvendu Farmhouse — A small farm in the Nedothril region.
Passur-Sur Lookout
Pedivur's Tower — An isolated home in the Mephalan Vales.
Plundered Shack
Pyr-Ilu Lookout
Ranis Arthyn's House
Relas Shack
Revea Telam's Shack
Serim Derthil's Shack
Sevilo Raboban's Shack
Silvin's Shack — A shack in the Alt Orethan region.
Suryn Hamanour's Shack
Valsi Farmhouse — A small farm in the Nedothril region.
Velk Camp
Vyr-Moran Lookout
Vys-Ishra Lookout
Yeva Gahne's Shack
Yrgjol Steelfist's Shack — A small shack on a lonely island, inhabited by an arms salesman.
Zuldassur Manor