Magic abilities and spells can be obtained by using specific Scrolls found in treasure chests. Picking up the scroll will not net you a spell right away, as you will have to master the appropriate skill for the scroll to become active. If the skill is not attached to your class from the start, you will have to find the relevant Trainer and learn the skill, then activate the scroll.

Spell Effect Cost Scroll Location Skill (Magic School) Skill Trainer
Absorb Drains attributes from monster, gives to caster 20 (?) Conjuration Arantamo(?)
Blind Greatly reduces monster ability to hit 12 (?) Illusion Favela Dralor(?)
Blood Spirit Conjures spirit to attack monster 10 (?) Conjuration Arantamo(?)
Camp Magicka Restores magicka when camping 8 (?) Restoration Celegil
Daedric Weapon Conjures modestly enchanted weapon 6 (?) Conjuration Arantamo(?)
Damage Deals damage to monster 8 (?) Destruction Arantamo(?)
Dead to Dust Savages the undead 14 (?) Conjuration Arantamo(?)
Death Howl Damages even great monsters 10 (?) Illusion Favela Dralor(?)
Deft Security Increases caster security skill 15 (?) Alteration Celegil(?)
Disarm Trap Enhances security, use against trap 10 (?) Restoration Favela Dralor(?)
Doom Hammer Creates powerful magic weapon 16 (?) Destruction Arantamo(?)
Dragon Combat Greatly increases caster melee ability 16 (?) Alteration Favela Dralor(?)
Drain Lowers many monster attributes 18 (?) Destruction Arantamo(?)
Fear Cowering monsters cannot hurt you 12 (?) Illusion Favela Dralor(?)
Feeble Blade Reduces damage from monster 12 (?) Destruction Arantamo(?)
Frenzy Increases caster weapon value 10 (?) Alteration Favela Dralor(?)
Harm Armor Reduces effectiveness of monster armor 12 (?) Destruction Arantamo(?)
Heal Wound Restores health 12 (?) Restoration Celegil
Paralyze Temporarily paralyzes monsters 12 (?) Illusion Favela Dralor(?)
Raise Attribute Raises caster attributes for one combat 12 (?) Restoration Celegil
Remove Ailment Removes one status ailment 14 (?) Restoration Celegil
Righteousness Extra combat boost against any monster 15 (?) Conjuration Arantamo(?)
Sanctuary Greatly increases caster armor 12 (?) Illusion Favela Dralor(?)
Shield Increases caster armor value 15 (?) Alteration Favela Dralor(?)
Weakness Weakens monster combat ability 18 (?) Alteration Favela Dralor(?)
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