Skyrim:Gjukar's Monument

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}} At the base of the monument, there is a sword, a shield, and a few flowers.
During the quest [[Skyrim:The Book of Love|The Book of Love]], a ghost callednamed [[Skyrim:Ruki|Ruki]] can be found here, searching for her [[Skyrim:Fenrig|husband]].
* {{Quest Link|The Book of Love}}
== Notes ==
*1A [[Skyrim:Corundum Ore|Corundum Ore]] vein is located along the rocks north of the monument.
*1An [[Skyrim:Iron Ore|Iron Ore]] vein is located about 75 meters to WSWwest-southwest of the monument.
*Due east of the monument is an unmarked ruin containing a [[Skyrim:Shrine_of_Zenithar|Shrine to Zenithar]], an [[Skyrim:Amulet_of_Zenithar|Amulet of Zenithar]], and the [[Skyrim:Speech|Speech]] [[Skyrim:Skill_Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:2920,_Second_ Seed,_v5|2920, Second Seed, v5]]''.