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Skyrim:Orphan's Tear

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== Notes ==
* There are three treasure chests; one is next to the tent at the shore, one in the back of the cabin behind the table propped up against the wall, and the other in the hull of the wrecked ship. Inside is a small amount of gold and a scroll (or potions).
* It's Its location can be added to your map by pickpocketing the courier in the [[Skyrim:Four Shields Tavern|Four Shields Tavern]] during the [[Skyrim:A False Front (Stormcloaks)|A False Front]] quest.
* There are some barrels in the lower parts of the ship underwater, which can be accessed through the open hatch inside the ship.
* This location is rich in [[Skyrim:Nordic Barnacle|Nordic Barnacle Clusters]], with 45 in the surrounding area.
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