Skyrim:Karita (warrior)

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Karita says that she is a pilgrim and would like to leave it at that, and that she makes the pilgrimage every few years. When the [[Skyrim:Greybeards|Greybeards]] summoned Dovahkiin she was outside [[Skyrim:Ivarstead|Ivarstead]] and she says that it was very exciting.
She wears [[SR:Scaled Armor|Scaled Armor]], [[SR:Hide Bracers|Hide Bracers]], [[SR:Steel Cuffed Boots|Steel Cuffed Boots]], a [[SR:Gold and Emerald Circlet|Gold and Emerald Circlet]], an [[SR:Amulet of Talos|Amulet of Talos]], and a [[SR:Leveled Items|leveled]] enchanted [[SR:Ring|ring]].
==Related Quests==