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Dawnstar:Reveal the Traitor

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Below is an example of a thorough investigation if the traitor is [[Dawnstar:Alhavara|Alhavara]].
First of all, read Eustacia's first rumor, then compare it with the information from the Champions, in the same Category. At this point, the most obvious suspect is Alhavara as he she is the only one with a conflicting reply. Eustacia says; ''The Traitor Defended the north wall during the attack'' while two of the Champions will reveal that Alhavara was in charge of the north wall. Note that [[Dawnstar:Beatrice|Beatrice]] is still a suspect as she defended the north wall as well.
Moving on to the next rumor from Eustacia, ''The Traitor Defended the east wall during the attack'' makes it clear that Alhavara is the traitor, as all three will mention him her as he the only one guarding the east wall during the attack. Additionally, the fact that ''Beatrice repositioned her forces from the east wall to the north before the attack'' confirms that she had nothing to do with the east wall.
The third clue from Eustacia finally nails Alhavara as the traitor as he she is the only one who ''had a loud argument with the Governor during the attack'' - all the other champions will tell you about the argument, and even Alhavara himselfherself.
Here is all the dialogue received if '''Alhavara''' is the traitor:
Blockers, Patrollers