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Dun-Ahhe is directly over the hills northwards from the [[Morrowind:Cavern of the Incarnate|Cavern of the Incarnate]] ([[Morrowind:Console#ToggleDebugText|Position]]: 55570, 115750). It is home to a pair of renegade mages and some [[Morrowind:Daedra|Daedra]]. The pools contain [[Morrowind:Slaughterfish|slaughterfish]]. The table near Elenwen holds the [[Morrowind:Conjuration|Conjuration]] skill book, [[Morrowind:Feyfolken_II|Feyfolken II]], a [[Morrowind:Bone Charm|bone charm]] amulet and several scrolls and potions. The dungeon has several raw [[Morrowind:Diamond|diamond]] ore deposits, as well as several ledges and drops that can be most easily traversed with the use of [[Morrowind:Levitation|levitation]]. One of the waterways hold a dead skeleton. A grand soul gem and one glass arrow can be found near it.
*The treasure consists mostly of potions and scrolls, although there is a [[Morrowind:Conjuration|Conjuration]] skill book, [[Morrowind:Feyfolken_II|Feyfolken II.]]
*There is a trapped locked chest (level 45), in the sorcerers' quarters.
*There is a hidden cache above the same room, which can be reached with levitation or high acrobatics skills. In this cache there are two locked chests (level 10), and a sack. Within these is mostly gold and random clothing with a few items enchanted.
*In the waterways, there is a cavern containing some raw diamond ore deposits.
*In another cavern in the waterways, there is a corpse with a grand soul gem near it, very few shard arrows, and one glass arrow.
*Under the first bridge there is a sunken chest in the water, but no way to get back up without levitate. In the GoTY Edition there is a Potion of Fool's Luck next to the chest to allow you to escape. The chest contains only a random piece of armor.
[[Image:MW_Map_Dun-Ahhe.jpg|thumb|left|Map of Dun-Ahhe]]
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