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: I could keep going, but it is time to stop. RH70, I seriously believe that you meant no harm with any of this and did what you thought was the right thing to do. I think you’re an excellent editor and patroller and you have done a ton of good stuff for the site – but you as an administrator is a really really bad idea. Maintaining this site (and the quality of the content) takes an awful lot of knowledge, not only about Elder Scrolls and wiki markup, but about how to deal with people, how to think twice when suggesting or discussing something, and always take into consideration how your opinions may affect the wiki and all the editors, not only at the current time, but also two years into the future. Sorry about using this nomination to sum up what I think went wrong with the wiki, but you played a huge part in the demise and it should be taken into consideration – I love this wiki to death, warts and all, and I’ll openly admit that I have made my share of mistakes in the past few months, due to my frustration over the problems explained above. I really want to see the wiki flourish again, but I don’t see that happen with you as administrator. Sorry. --[[User:Krusty|Krusty]] 17:14, 18 April 2012 (UTC)
:*'''Comment''': There's obviously a lot to respond to here, but I'll try to keep this as short as possible (which I know I'm not good at).
::First off, I believe guidelines and rules are there for a reason, and that for too long, there has been an unwritten policy of "we ignore them when Admins are involved". That's not fair to anyone, and in the end, even if sometimes the rules get in the way or need to be changed, not enforcing them only with certain people only serves to create division in the community. I'm a rules-oriented person and as an Admin, if I become one, I would try to be a model of following our policies and guidelines. I believe that's appropriate for every Administrator. That informed my various replies that Krusty paints as being "bloodlust". It was nothing of the kind - I simply wanted the rules to be followed by ''everyone''.
::In that vein, my post to Daveh's wall did indeed show my true colours: I saw gross violations of Wikipedia's guideline on [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Administrators#Involved Admins|involved administrators]] and I asked the person whose job it is to deal with these issues to make a ruling on the concern. After the de-adminship, in point of fact, I wrote to Daveh directly expressing that I thought Krusty should be re-adminned; Daveh can confirm that if it's really necessary. It went privately because I was really tired when I wrote to him and didn't trust that I was writing well enough for public consumption; I had intended to post publicly the next day, but by the time I started formulating a reply to add to the thread, Krusty had already been re-adminned, so it was a moot point. In the end, the simple fact is that we all make mistakes or poor judgement at times, and a single disagreement about the best way to handle something is usually not cause for de-adminning.
::Contrary to Krusty's assertion, [[Wikipedia:WP:TINC|there is no <s>cabal</s> clique]]. While there are occasional off-wiki communications between users, I can tell you that Krusty and I have exchanged more e-mails and chatted more in IRC since my return than Nephele and I have in our entire UESP existence. As for Elliot, helena, and Eric Snowmane, we're all late-night editors (our time) by and large, as Krusty himself knows since Elliot, ES, and I are often all on the IRC with him when he wakes up. (I don't recall ever seeing helena there, but I do often see her editing while I'm patrolling.) By the same token, the nomination was posted fairly late at night, so it's only natural that those three were the first to respond.
::Amusingly, however, while not in a clique, I do consider myself to have a niche, just like almost every editor does. I'm a WikiGnome. I will probably always be a WikiGnome. That's exacerbated by the CFS, which makes it hard to concentrate for long periods, but even if they found a cure tomorrow, I suspect that would still be my style. I do my best to get the little stuff out of the way, like patrolling, like re-writing templates that often need it, like moving pages or proposing them for deletion, etc.—I do all that because I enjoy doing the little things, and it allows those who enjoy working on bigger projects to do so without having to worry about the little things that take up so much time. As an Administrator, should I gain those rights, that won't change. I will still most likely take care of things like page deletions and page protection rather than focussing on things like content creation, like Krusty does, or adding masses of technical information via a bot like Nephele does.
::As far as my obsession with getting new Patrollers active, that goes to the difference in approach that Krusty and I have towards the wiki. I don't believe either of us is wrong, and in fact I feel both styles are very necessary to have a functioning wiki. Krusty, at least in my observation, focuses on creating content. That's excellent because obviously we ''need'' content in order to be valuable as a wiki. I focus on ensuring that the content others are adding is correct, well-formatted, and fits into the theme of the page, hence my attempts to ensure that virtually every last edit gets patrolled. I believe that both of us, in our own way, are raising the quality of the wiki overall, and that encouraging editors to focus only on one way of doing things would be detrimental. That's what I was trying to express in the auto-patrolled users discussion. I believe that patrolling everything helps us avoid having incorrect or badly formatted information on our wiki. To this day, I still find information in the tail end of the Patrol Log that is clearly incorrect...and has been sitting there for four weeks with nobody questioning the change. That's why I patrol as much as I do, and why I often don't have as much time as I'd like to play the game itself.
::On a side note, a few informational issues: I've had the game and been playing it since Christmas. I believe my statements in regards to play time where that I hadn't had time ''recently'' to play it because of the patrolling backlog. When I did develop the time, I played through the relevant quests, though nothing in my concerns changed as a result. I'm also confused as to why Krusty thinks Alfwyn got yelled at or belittled. I always thought our working relationship was quite good, and in fact thanked Alfwyn several times for coming up with better ways to deal with some things than I had.
::Finally, in the above discussion, Krusty variously assigns motives to practically everything I've done in recent times. Rather than prolong the drama, let me just say that his perceived motives and my real ones are very very different. I try at all times to be open and honest about what I'm doing, but if at any time anyone has concerns about anything I've said or done, I encourage them to ask, either on-wiki or off. Krusty and I have done this many times over the last couple of months in light of his obvious discontent with my style, and I thought he understood that my motives were nothing like what he believes them to be. Obviously, I wasn't communicating as clearly as I thought I was, or he simply wasn't believing me. <span style="white-space:nowrap; font-variant:small-caps; line-height:0;">&ndash; [[User:RobinHood70|'''Robin Hood''']]<span style="font-size:18pt;">&#x219D;</span>[[User_talk:RobinHood70|<span style="vertical-align:super">'''talk'''</span>]]</span> 21:40, 18 April 2012 (UTC)
*'''Oppose''': Something strikes me wrong, someone who has claimed for so long to not wanting to be an admin being offered it and just accepting. I don't think the line of 'I was surprised to find he wasn't an Admin' really adds much either.
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