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: For the past few months, I’ve changed my behavior somewhat – I know an awful lot of you is under the impression that I’m going nuts, suffer from personal issues or whatever, but it all comes down to frustration with what this site has become since the release of Skyrim back in November. Over and over, I have shouted the word “idiocy” as loud as I could, but to no avail, and have seen my opinions being ignored 99% of the time. One way or the other, these idiocy shouts can be traced back to the nominee, so I’ll try and figure out how a person can mean so well – and do so bad. It’s going to be a long post, because it’s incredibly complex to explain – but if you care about this wiki, please read.
: Of course, we can’t skip the Rpeh/KrustyIDaveh incident, so let’s just start there and be done with it. After nearly a full years wiki-break, RH70 rejoined the wiki on December 22nd to help out with the huge amount of Skyrim edits, which was fine. We had an incredible community back then, and an awful lot of fun, mostly due to how ridiculous and chaotic everything was. The fun lasted 40 days, then Snowmane posted his infamous [[UESPWiki:Administrator_Noticeboard/Archive_23#rpeh.27s_attacks_on_TESWiki.2C_request_for_resignation_of_admin_privilages.|de-admin request]] for me and rpeh, a rushed and unneeded action that both me and rpeh tried to stop. Unfortunately, somebody smelled blood; notice RH70’s uncertain oppose to the de-admin request then jump to [[User_talk:Daveh#Community_Discussion_About_rpeh|his post on Daveh’s talk page]], where he shows his true colors. He didn’t seem satisfied with the way the votes were going, so he brought in Daveh who had no choice but to de-admin both me and rpeh in an attempt to shut people up. Can’t blame him for that. The rest is history, Daveh decided to de-admin rpeh permanently, while I managed to get through the scandal with the tools intact. What is really important to note is that I started it, by calling the Wikia people morons in an edit summary, reverted Snowmane’s first attempt at drama, and even called Snowmane a moron when I had to go through the usual [[User_talk:Krusty/Arc_2012a#Inappropriate_Edit_Summary|concerns]] on my talk page – rpeh simply followed up on an action initially performed by me – but he was butchered, and I was spared. Wonder why? Look no further – or please look closely: who is missing from [[UESPWiki:Administrator_Noticeboard/Archive_23#Restoring_krusty.27s_adminship|this post about my admin-ship]], despite having started it all – take a wild guess. He was busy agreeing with Daveh in the aftermath just above – where RH70 more or less explains all of this a whole lot better than I can. That is true bloodthirst wrapped in polite words, but it is right there on the page, so make your own decision. Let me finish off this section with a RH70 quote that leads to the next section: “Clearly, there are people in this discussion who would see rpeh back as an Administrator. But just as clearly, there are a good number of people who wouldn't.” Let’s take a quick look on these people, shall we? Ironically, they can all be found complaining on my talk page, in the very same [[[[User_talk:Krusty/Arc_2012a#Inappropriate_Edit_Summary|concerned thread]] I linked to above. What’s even more ironic is that the exact same people were the first ones to support this nomination. Just scroll up and see for yourself.
: Let’s look at this group of people. Where did they come from? Answer is simple – with the exception of helenaannevalentine, they are all the first ones to respond when they believe power is being misused, just like RobinHood70: they all spend an awful lot of time making ‘maintenance edits’ and none of them could make a content edit to save their life. When they see injustice, however, they will jump out of their PC-friendly IRC-chatroom and attack right away. Please click each and every link in the section above, then look at their contributions to the site. A clique like that is to be expected on any wiki, but RobinHood70 encourages them (maybe even leads them?) in the everlasting wiki battle between people with authority and people with no understanding of the word whatsoever. These people will often throw guidelines and policies all over a heated debate, just to prove their point – but can more often be seen breaking the same policies by ignoring consensus (or simply ignoring the fact that the community may have something to say) and will never even stop to think twice about the possible consequences of their actions; in short, cliques like that should never be encouraged, they should be controlled. That’s what administrators are for, but when rpeh understandably left the wiki, the clique and RH70 suddenly found themselves ahead of everybody else – and the downfall of UESP was unavoidable.