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|imgdesc=Nils in Candlehearth Hall
|mercnote=<sup>{{hover|Nils only offers merchant services if Elda Early-Dawn dies|§}}</sup>
|buys=Innkeeper ([[Skyrim:Food|Food]], [[Skyrim:Raw Food|Raw Food]])
|moral=No Crime
'''Nils''' is a [[SR:Nord|Nord]] [[SR:Citizen|citizen]] working at [[SR:Candlehearth Hall|Candlehearth Hall]] in [[SR:Windhelm|Windhelm]] as a cook and caretaker,. but will take over running the inn if anything happens to [[Skyrim:Elda Early-Dawn|Elda]]. He is often seen around town chopping firewood or simply roaming around freely.
He takes over running Candlehearth Hall if anything happens to [[Skyrim:Elda Early-Dawn|Elda]]. Although he does not stand at the front counter 24 hours a day, you can wake him up at any time if you need to rent a room or buy some food.
When meeting Nils, he will introduce himself by saying: ''"Name's Nils, I'm the cook at Candlehearth Hall."''