Skyrim:Nahkriin (item)

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[[Skyrim:Nahkriin (item)|Nahkriin]] is an ebony [[Skyrim:Dragon Priest|Dragon Priest]] Mask obtained by killing the eponymous [[Skyrim:Nahkriin (creature)|Nahkriin]]. It is imbued with an enchantment that grants the wearer a [[Skyrim:Fortify Magicka|Fortify Magicka]] effect that gives the wearer an additional fifty points of [[Skyrim:Magicka|Magicka]]. The enchantment also decreases the cost of spells in the [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] and [[Skyrim:Restoration|Restoration]] schools by twenty percent, due to its [[Skyrim:Fortify Destruction|Fortify Destruction]] and [[Skyrim:Fortify Restoration|Fortify Restoration]] effect. It can be [[Skyrim:Workbench|tempered]] with [[Skyrim:Ebony Ingot|ebonyEbony ingotsIngots]].
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