Skyrim:Nahkriin (item)

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#REDIRECT [[Skyrim:<noinclude>{{Trail|Items|Artifacts#Nahkriin]] [[Category:Redirects to Broader Subjects]] }}[[Category:Skyrim-Armor-Helmets_Heavy]] [[Category:Skyrim-Items-Artifacts]]
</noinclude>{{Artifact Summary
|Type=Heavy Helmet
|Enchant=''+50 Magicka, and Destruction and Restoration spells cost 20% less:''
* [[Skyrim:Fortify Magicka|Fortify Magicka]], 50 pts
* [[Skyrim:Fortify Destruction|Fortify Destruction]], cost 20% less
* [[Skyrim:Fortify Restoration|Fortify Restoration]], cost 20% less
'''Nahkriin''' is a [[Skyrim:Dragon Priest|Dragon Priest]] Mask obtained by killing the eponymous [[Skyrim:Nahkriin (creature)|Nahkriin]]. It can be tempered with [[Skyrim:Ebony Ingot|ebony ingots]].
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|The World-Eater's Eyrie}}
*Placing Nahkriin on its pedestal at [[Skyrim:Bromjunaar Sanctuary|Bromjunaar Sanctuary]] will remove any bonuses it gained from tempering.