Oblivion:Getting Around

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Unfortunately, horseback riding is not as advantageous a feature as one might imagine. While there are some minor perks (e.g., Shadowmere fighting for you, traveling while over encumbered after a feather effect expires, navigating steep terrain more easily), speed is the chief advantage of riding horseback. Speed can be improved even further with fortify speed spells. Horseback riding has lots of drawbacks - you can't fight, gathering ingredients is difficult, the horse gets easily hurt from falling, you can't sneak, you get stuck at some bridges, swimming is very slow, and if you accidentally hit the horse you're sometimes expelled from guilds. Still, with a good horse and good spells, you can simply ignore most enemies, ride right through Oblivion gates and reach your target without a fight. The following pointers should help make riding horseback a more pleasant experience:
[[File:Example.jpg]]==== Fords ====
Besides the mapped huge bridge west from Imperial City and the unmapped small wooden bridge north from it, there are two fords: places with water shallow enough to pass on horseback or running without swimming. One that is south of Arcane University, by [[Oblivion:Fatback Cave|Fatback Cave]], is easy to spot with lots of rocks sticking out of water. Another ford, slightly harder to spot, is located near [[Oblivion:Sideways Cave|Sideways Cave]]. If you want to get from the eastern side to the western side of Leyawiin, don't go right along the wall, but aim more towards the Coast Guard building - the water there is more shallow.
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