Skyrim:Karita (warrior)

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:''This article is about the Pilgrim Karita,; for the [[SR:Bard|Bard]], with the same name, found at the [[SR:Windpeak Inn|Windpeak Inn]], see [[SR:Karita (bard)|this page]].''
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|skills='''[[Skyrim:Heavy Armor|Heavy Armor]]''', '''[[Skyrim:One-handed|One-handed]]''', [[Skyrim:Archery|Archery]], [[Skyrim:Block|Block]]
'''Karita''' is a pilgrim found traveling the 7000 steps that lead to [[Skyrim:High_Hrothgar|High Hrothgar]] to meditate on the emblems. She can be found kneeling and meditating in front of the fourth etched tablet.
Karita says that she is a pilgrim and would like to leave it at that, and that she makes the pilgrimage every year. When the [[Skyrim:Greybeards|Greybeards]] summoned Dovahkiin she was outside [[Skyrim:Ivarstead|Ivarstead]] and she says that it was very exciting.