Lore:Walking the World, Vol XI

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As you enter the courtyard of Castle Dour, you are confronted with the banner of Solitude hanging over the door to what is now Castle Dour proper.
At the far end of the courtyard stands the impressive [[Skyrim:Temple of the Divines|Temple of the Divines]]. The founders of Solitude were deeply devout and Solitude is the only place in Skyrim where all of the divines are {{sic|worshiped|worshipped}} in a single temple. All three of the buildings here are well worth taking a look inside, but only the Temple and Castle Dour's military wing are open.
If you do venture inside the temple, take special note of the alcoves at the front. You can see the empty alcove that once held the [[sr:Shrines|shrine]] of {{Lore Link|Talos}} before Talos worship was outlawed.