Skyrim:2920, Second Seed, v5

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merge info from SR:Skill Books and from database dump of all book locations; deleting Shrine of Zenithar because not found in game data (wrong 2920 book)?
|loc=* East of [[Skyrim:Gjukar's Monument|Gjukar's Monument]] in a ruin with an altar to [[Lore:Arkay|Arkay]] (x=-52839, y=-7993) * [[Skyrim:Sadri's Used Wares|Sadri's Used Wares]] ([[Skyrim:Windhelm|Windhelm]])* [[Skyrim:Shrines#ZenitharShriekwind Bastion|Shrine of ZenitharShriekwind Bastion]] ([[Skyrim:Falkreath Hold|Falkreath Hold]] between ), over a rock in the chamber after the fire corridor* [[Skyrim:Fort GreymoorSorli's House|Fort GreymoorSorli's House]] and ([[Skyrim:RoriksteadHjaalmarch|RoriksteadHjaalmarch]].)
|lorename=2920, Second Seed (v5)
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