Lore:Walking the World, Vol XI

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Continuing ahead, you'll come to the ramp that takes you up to Castle Dour. From here, you can truly feel the weight of this stone bastion's looming presence. The left-most tower, topped by the pointed roof of Erling's extension, was once the castle barracks and jail. Today, the tower is the center of military power here in Solitude.
Looking right past the looming Emperor's tower, you can glimpse Solitude's natural bridge arcing gracefully over to the windmill. Built during High King Erling's day, the bridge was said to be {{sic|used used|description=duplicated word}} to {{sic|discretely|discreetly}} allow Captain Jytte, the famous privateer, to enter Castle Dour. Some historians claim that she and the High King were simply attempting to keep their business dealings quiet. Others believe {{sic|the|that}} Jytte and Erling were involved on a more personal level.
At the end of the bridge is the windmill. The tower and the windmill serve as one of Solitude's most recognizable man-made landmarks. The Windmill's power was once used to open the gates to what is now the [[Lore:East Empire Company|East Empire Company]] [[Skyrim:East Empire Company Warehouse|Warehouse]], but today that task falls to the strong backs of the dock workers.