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The Synod is a college or a faction of magic based in the province of Cyrodill. The Synod is one of the two major magical groups in Cyrodill[[Lore:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]] ever since the fall of the [[Lore:Mages Guild|Mages Guild]] at the start of the 4th[[Lore:Fourth Era|fourth era]], the other being Thethe [[Lore:College of Whispers|College of Whispers]].
While not hostile, it is evident that the Synod are also zealous with their works and have severe tensions with the College of Winterhold, with members accusing the school for sabotaging their research and their council.
==In Game==
The only appearance the Synod makes in the game is in the quest [[Skyrim:Revealing the Unseen|Revealing the Unseen]], for the [[Skyrim:College of Winterhold (faction)#Quests|College of Winterhold]], which involves the [[Lore:Dwemer|dwarven]] ruins of [[Skyrim:Mzulft|Mzulft]]. Inside, the player meets a dying Synod member, who informs the player that the Synod made an expedition to Mzulft for a secret purpose. Among the scattered dead of the Synod, there is [[Skyrim:Paratus Decimius|one living Synod member]] in the quest and entire game, who meets the player at the end of the ruins and desperately hopes that he/she has athe specialfocusing crystal that his fellow comrades were trying to bring to him. Once the crystal is handed over, he reveals a special Dwarvendwarven device known as the oculoryOculory that can harness the powers of the stars to create a map showing the locations of all magical levels of [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]].
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