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In Game
==In Game==
The only appearance the Synod makes in the game is in the quest [[Skyrim:Revealing the Unseen|Revealing the Unseen]], for the [[Skyrim:College of Winterhold (faction)#Quests|College of Winterhold]], which involves the dwarven ruins of [[Skyrim:Mzulft|Mzulft]]. Inside, the player meets a dying Synod member, who informs the player that the Synod made an expedition to Mzulft for a secret purpose. Among the scattered dead of the Synod, there is [[Skyrim:Paratus Decimius|one living Synod member]] in the quest and entire game, who meets the player at the end of the ruins and desperately hopes that he/she has a special crystal that his fellow comrades were trying to bring to him. Once the crystal is handed over, he reveals a special Dwarven device known as the occulary that can harness the powers of the stars to create a map showing the locations of all magical levels of Tamriel.
==Related Quests==
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