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New editors on the site are not required to read through all of these policies and guidelines; they are '''not''' a list of rules that must be understood before participating in the site. Most of them are based upon common sense. Editors who act in good faith and treat other members of the community with good faith are unlikely to encounter any problems; editors will be notified if a situation arises where a policy or guideline may be relevant.
In general, the polici
In general, the policies have been written just in case future situations arise where they are needed. They provide a reference for editors on recommended courses of action. The policies have been written up ahead of time so that details can be worked out in a neutral atmosphere, instead of being determined after a problem has already arisen. The policies often take into account the collective experience of the many editors who have contributed to the site.
In addition, some guidelines are primarily a summary of discussions that have cropped up about how to best accomplish certain tasks. In cases where the discussed questions are likely to be of long-term interest, the conclusions are written up into a guideline for future reference by all members of the community.
A list of all the site's policies and guidelines is provided at [[:Category:Policies and Guidelines|Policies and Guidelines]]. All of these have been written by the community and for the community. Everyone's input on these articles is welcome. Any new articles that are written are initially considered to be proposals, and are listed at [[:Category:Proposed Policies and Guidelines|Proposed Policies and Guidelines]] for the community to discuss and improve before being accepted as official pages.
==Writing High-Quality Articles==
# '''Informative''' – Content must be informative to the reader. Content that conveys little to no information should be removed or reworded as appropriate. Think of ways you can improve content so that it is more informative.
# '''Verifiable''' – Every editor should be able to look at information given and verify it through their own game. Editor opinions and first person stories are never verifiable and should be avoided.
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