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The only aperance the Synod makes in the game is in the quest, [[Skyrim:Revealing the Unseen|Revealing the Unseen]] for the [[Skyrim:College of Winterhold (faction)#Quests|College of Winterhold]]. in the quest you enter a dwarven ruin called {Place Link|Mzulft}}. inside you meat a Synod member who is slowly dieing, before he dies he informs you that the Synod made an expedition to Mzulft for a secret purpose. throughtout the ruins you see the corpses of other dead Synod members.
there is one living Synod member in the entire game, he meets you at the end of the ruin and desperatly hopes you have a special crystal the he's fellow comrades were trying to bring to him. once you give him the crystal he shows you a special Dwemerdwarven device that can harness the powers of the stars to create a map of tamriel and all powerful artifacts in a particular regin.
This particular Synod mage is slightly agressive and paranoid, he has been waiting for the crystal for a long time in the ruins and has become slightly mentallyb unstabele.