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This page contains lots of hints and tips related to anything related to moving or travellingtraveling in the game (such as fast-travelling, running, levitating, etc...). This includes various loopholes related to travellingtraveling and lots of various statistics.
==Sky Writing==
==Fast-Travel Loophole==
There is an interesting loophole (or Bug if you like) involving fast travel in the game Daggerfall. There are two methods for fast travel : reckless and cautious. If you choose reckless, it will take less time, but when you arrive at the destination, your health points, fatigue and magicka will be the same as what you have when you left. If cautious is chosen, it may take twice as long to travel, and you always have your health, fatigue and magicka fully charged. Also, if you are not a vampire, you will always arrive during day time. The loophole here is that if you are inside a town, you CAN fast travel to the town you are already in! By choosing cautious, and fast travel to the town you are in right now, you can fully recharge yourself of health, fatigue and magicka. If you fast travel during the daytime, the game clock will advance about one minute; if it is night time, you will arrive the next morning. So, you can have practically unlimited magicka during the daytime outdoors. There is only two drawbacks. First, you always arrive at the edge of the town. So if the town is huge, like the daggerfallDaggerfall city, you need to run around town again. Second, you can not fast travel when there are enemies nearby. However, you can always run to the other end of the town, lose the enemy, and then fast travel to recharge yourself.
This is ideal for training your magic skill. I have seen certain hints saying about custom practice spells. After you used up all spell points to practice the six schools of magic, you rest in a tavern to recharge the magicka. You don't have to! Just make sure it is still day time, fast travel to the same town you are in, choose cautious, and you will arrive fully recharged, ready to practice magic again. If you have a couple of quest pending, and can not waste time staying in tavern, this is the trick. After discovered this trick, I rarely use the inn or the fighter Guild for resting.
Another use for this trick is for dungeons. If you happen to arrive during the daytime, you can use the trick to strengthen yourself. You can cast all kinds of spells on yourself to fortify the attributes, fast travel to the same dungeon, have magicka fully recharged, cast more spells, repeat until satisfied. If you do it quickly, the spells you just cast will not expire until you are deep in the dungeon. Then, you can rush to the dungeon door, with all kinds of spells active, AND with FULL magicka. My favor spells for this occasion are : Troll's Blood(regenerate health), Orc Strength, Jack of Trades, Shield, Invisibility, etc. Hey, you have "FREE" spells for use, use them all! This will make you very powerful and "brave" during the first few minutes inside the dungeon. I also strongly suggest a custom made health regeneration spell. Long duration is more important than large magnitude, since you can carry it "FREE" into the dungeon. There is only one drawback. Since you must do this outside the dungeon, you better know where the dungeon door is after you fast traveled. Otherwise, all your spells will expire before you step inside the dungeon. It is still a good exercise though.
==Relative Speeds of TravellingTraveling Modes==
Just a few interesting measurements.
* Running Speed = 19 mi/hmph
* Walking Speed = 10 mi/hmph
* Sneaking Speed = 4 mi/hmph
* Running Horse Speed = 20 mi/hmph
* Running Cart Speed = 15 mi/hmph
* Levitate Up/Down Speed = 2 mi/hmph
* Levitate Up While Jumping Speed = 4 mi/hmph
* Speed Cheat Running Speed = 120 mi/hmph
* Speed Cheat Walking Speed = 72 mi/hmph
* Speed Cheat Sneaking Speed = 36 mi/hmph
Please note that these are the lower speed limits as I calculated them and are approximate only. For example, the speed cheat running speed could be as high as 160 mi/hmph (faster than a speeding arrow, able to jump city walls in one bound)!
On a realistic note, the running/walking speeds are a bit on the high side. A world-class 100m sprinter might reach as high as 25 mi/hmph. A usual walking speed is more around 2-4 mi/hmph. Try sneaking around a town and see how long it would take to get around... certainly not plausible in the game.
PS: This was measured with a speed of 100 and a running/stealth skill of 100%.
Need to map out a town? Easy. Pick on someone, and if they say "go east", for example, then keep on asking them. Eventually they *will* mark it on your map. If they say "I don't know", they really don't know. This way, I have completely mapped all locations in a provincial capital (Glenumbra I think) after asking just 3 people.
==TravellingTraveling Guide==
TravellingTraveling throughout <em>Daggerfall</em> (and there are oodles of miles of it) can be a tedious task for any impatient adventurer, ready to slay a dragon. Hold on, young one. First you have to get there. While we can't provide you with precise directions, we can show you how to get there more quickly:
When I first came to Daggerfall, I was amazed by the size of the city. Unfortunately, I had only my walking shoes to get me from point A to point B. Murphy's Law usually dictates that the Mages Guild that you wanted to visit is way over on the other side of the city near the West gate and you entered from the East gate.
Run and Jump to your nearest destination in the city. The citizens don't seem to mind and you will increase your skill levels as an added bonus. You might as well start building your skills to increase your levels.
A Cart costs 150 gpseptims base cost that can fluctuate with Mercantile skill and the type of store you enter. This type of transportation also includes a horse, but it rides more like a mule. Still, it seems faster than walking and it costs very little Stamina. An added bonus is you can now store all your precious belongings in a much bigger space.
A Horse costs 1000 gpseptims base cost that can fluctuate with Mercantile skill and the type of store you enter. In my opinion, a horse is much faster than a cart when you want to flee the city guards over slight misunderstandings (I've had plenty of them). Plus, little cost to your Stamina levels. Unfortunately, a horse is much noisernoisier sound-wise than a Cart. You may be a bit annoyed at the clip-clop-clip-clop of the hooves.
A Ship can't really take you anywhere in the City, but!... you can go to your ship, rest in it to recharge your batteries, then click on "Ship" again and you are back in the City. Thus, you can still stay in the city and rest without getting arrested for Vagrancy. An added bonus is you can store your precious inventory here without taking up space in your Cart. A Ship can be bought through a bank for 100,000gp or 200,000gp in any port city [near a body of water]. "Sentinel" the capital city, is a good example.
* Trapdoors usually have a series of teleporters in the dungeon. To get through a trapdoor, go through the teleporters until you see a lever, activate it, and go through the teleporters until your back at the trapdoor. Go down with a levitate spell to avoid having broken legs at the bottom.
After you have played the game for a while, you will start to notice patterns to the dungeons. This is a by-product of the dungeon creation process. Daggerfall dungeons are modular. The Main Quest dungeons were painstakingly constructed by hand, but the random dungeons take pieces of the Main Quest dungeons and sling them together in various forms. This is why players get a strange sense of "deja vu" in the random dungeons. They really have been here before. Once you reach this point, finding quest objects becomes much easier because each module only has one or two object locations. For example, when I find myself with a series of teleporters, I know that there is a quest object location under the trapdoor and the trapdoor is opened by a lever in one of the teleporter locations. So I go through the teleporters until I get to the lever, pull it, and then keep going through teleporters until I appear over the trapdoor (hopefully with an active "Levitate" so I don't break a leg falling down the hole when I appear). Remember where you find quest objects and the next time you wind up in the same module, you'll have a good idea of where to look.
==Levitating Tricks==
* Attacking: If your opponent has no ranged attack, just whip out a bow for some target particepractice.
* Horse Tricks: If you are riding a horse and cast Levitate, the horse flies, and you can go much quicker than if you were levitating without the horse
* Jumping Tricks: If you jump while levitating you can float upwards about twice as fast as normally. You also increase your jumping skill like you wouldn't believe.
* Flying Without Levitation: I was playing v2.13 two nights ago and i found a useful bug. It lets you fly UP ONLY without spells or maigcmagic items etc. It may be fun or useful only for those without the Levitate spell or if you run out of magic.
** Hold JUMP button for duration of fly time
** Equip your Weapon (some work better than others)
==Finding People==
Often quests require you to find the location of a paticularparticular person. This can be done by going to the appropiateappropriate town and talking to an NPC. There are two methods which can give you information.
* Ask for Where, Location, and General. This will usually give you location of the palace and houses.