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==Relative Speeds of Travelling Modes==
Just a few interesting measurements.
* Running Speed = 19 mmi/h
* Walking Speed = 10 mmi/h
* Sneaking Speed = 4 mmi/h
* Running Horse Speed = 20 mmi/h
* Running Cart Speed = 15 mmi/h
* Levitate Up/Down Speed = 2 mmi/h
* Levitate Up While Jumping Speed = 4 mmi/h
* Speed Cheat Running Speed = 120 mmi/h
* Speed Cheat Walking Speed = 72 mmi/h
* Speed Cheat Sneaking Speed = 36 mmi/h
Please note that these are the lower speed limits as I calculated them and are approximate only. For example, the speed cheat running speed could be as high as 160 mmi/h (faster than a speeding arrow, able to jump city walls in one bound)!
On a realistic note, the running/walking speeds are a bit on the high side. A world-class 100m sprinter might reach as high as 25 mmi/h. A usual walking speed is more around 2-4 mmi/h. Try sneaking around a town and see how long it would take to get around... certainly not plausible in the game.
PS: This was measured with a speed of 100 and a running/stealth skill of 100%.
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