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note that caption tags are not generally used; changing all headers
The tags below must start at the beginning of a new line (with one exception). The parameters are optional.
A table is defined by
<nowiki> {| </nowiki> ''params''
:''Careful'': You '''must include''' the '''space''' between <code>'''{|'''</code> and <code>''params''</code>, or the first parameter gets ignored.
Cells are generated either like this:
&lt;td ''params''&gt;
Functions the same way as TD, except "!" is used instead the opening "|". "!!" can be used instead of "||". Parameters still use "|", though!
&lt;tr&gt; tags will be generated automatically for the first row. To start a new row, use
* &lt;tr&gt; tags will be automatically closed at &lt;tr&gt; and &lt;/table&gt; equivalents
ACaptions are not generally used with UESP tables. If you need to create one, however, &lt;caption&gt; tag is created by
|+ Caption
which generates
===Simple example===
<nowiki> {| </nowiki>
===Advanced Examples===
<nowiki>{| align=right border=1</nowiki>
<nowiki>| Cell 1, row 1 </nowiki>