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hjTZ2c Totally agree with you, about a week ago wrote about the same in my blog..!!
You might also want to check out the [[Daggerfall:Cheats|Daggerfall Cheats]] page, which contains hints closer to cheating.
hjTZ2c Totally agree with you, about a week ago wrote about the same in my blog..!!
== General Gameplay Tips ==
'''SAVE OFTEN''': The most important one, save before and after quests, before entering dungeons, frequently while in dungeons, and after something 'big', like a level raise, big bank deposit, etc. It's also a good idea to have a good structure to saving games: keep one slot for the regular save, like every 15-20 minutes in a dungeon; The other slots are for 'backup' positions, a time when you have no quests and are outside, and are saved just every once in a while. It's also a good idea to backup save games in case something really bad happens. The following is a list of good times to save your game.<p></p>
#Before and after receiving a quest
#Before beginning a new dungeon
#Before and after resting
#Before and after traveling
#After leveling
#After attaining ANYTHING daedric
#After attaining the quest objective
#After "training" any skill
#Arriving at a new location
'''Traveling''': Travel cautiously most of the time, resting in inns, as this will allows you to get fully rested before arriving at i.e. a dungeon and lets you practice spells before leaving. Being a member of a knightly guild allows you to stay in inns for free. When time is of the essence, traveling recklessly gets you there much faster, although you might have to climb over the city walls at night.
Take advantage of the '''Recall''' spell: Cast recall just inside the entrance to a dungeon which will allow a quick exit if you find the quest item or simply to load up your wagon. Don't forget to re-cast the anchor.
'''Exploring dungeons''': This can be a hairy experience in Daggerfall, especially if 'dungeon crawling' is not your forte. Being a veteran RPG and CRPG gamer, I enjoy dungeon crawling and have a few tips...
#Follow the right hand wall method. Start exploring the dungeon by following the right hand wall. I find this method extremely helpful in exploring a great deal of a dungeon. I don't usually enter teleports/shafts/water until later, although I make note of them. I explore doors on either side of hallways, entering rooms, but only following right hand passages.
#Following the right hand wall method will still leave many areas unexplored. After exploring as much as I can with this method, I switch and follow the left hand wall. I check my map often now, looking for unexplored areas and secret doors.
#This still may leave some shafts, water, and teleporters unexplored. I do these next, following similar rules as above.
#If you still haven't found what you're looking for, you will have to start again at step 1, but check the map often for unexplored passages and secret doors.
#Dungeon crawling can be tiring...if frustrated after several hours of exploring, take a break; watch TV, read a book or check some Daggerfall pages for spoilers.
'''Clothing''': It doesn't appear to affect NPC reactions but can complete the appearance of your character. Often the appearance of armor on the character resembles a patchwork and can look unpleasant, especially if you don't like the colors. Armor can be hidden by wearing robes and cloaks, which can be enchanted with various minor things. Note that this has no effect on the game, other than for role playing (and looking good).
Get a '''Horse and Wagon''' as soon as possible...a great asset to have (Wagon in original game can carry 1000 kg. Early patches reduced this to 500 kg, but later patches bumped it back up to 750 kg.)
You can make easy money with a little '''graveyard tour'''. Graveyards always have a crypt which is a dungeon with only 2 to 4 rooms. In most crypts there are also only 2 or 3 enemies. But each crypt I found contained between 2 and 7(!) loot piles. So start a city of your liking, travel to the next graveyard, plunder the crypt, leave it (it resets) and plunder it again, if it contained enough loot piles. If not travel to the next graveyard. You can continue this until you're fully encumbered. You can easily make around 10,000 gold in about 3 ingame days. For starter characters this is a really useful method.
== Distorted Towns ==
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