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|imgdesc=[[Oblivion:Jearl|Jearl]] in her house in [[Oblivion:Bruma|Bruma]]
[[File:OB-quest-Jearls HouseBruma.jpg|thumb|right|Jearl's House]]
'''Jearl''' is a [[Oblivion:Redguard|Redguard]] who owns a house in [[Oblivion:Bruma|Bruma]]. She has been [[Oblivion:Jearl's Orders|ordered]] by [[Oblivion:Ruma Camoran|Ruma Camoran]] to spy on the [[Oblivion:Cloud Ruler Temple|Cloud Ruler Temple]] with her friend [[Oblivion:Saveri Faram|Saveri Faram]] for an [[Oblivion:Defense of Bruma|attack on Bruma]]. She is a [[Oblivion:Mythic Dawn|Mythic Dawn]] [[Oblivion:Mythic Dawn Agent|agent]] and you will have to root her and her companion out during the [[Oblivion:Spies|Spies]] mission on the Main Quest. She only appears in the game once the quest is initiated and like all the other agents at this point, will attack you on sight.