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{{/box|things that might get done soon|
*'''Mods''': Several need finishing or starting:
**'''Tamriel Rebuilt''': The first pass has Most things have been done, and most of the pages are at least createdwritten now. There's still a hell of a lot of work to do though. I'm holding off doing ''too'' much be done on this because new maps are due out soontown pages, and I'd rather not do on quite a load lot of work only to find itMap 2 articles, but until further updates are released, I's out m wary of date. Thatwriting too much stuff that's also why so many NPCs from Map 2 are being left as stubssubject to change.
**'''Stirk''': Nearly finished. Just needs the OBNPCRP job doing, and that's pretty much it finished.
*The '''Lore''' pages have undergone something of a revolution recently, with [[User:Kalis Agea|Kalis Agea]], [[User:Minor Edits|Minor Edits]] and [[User:Legoless|Legoless]] especially doing some great work on improving them. This has pretty much rendered the WULPPIOHTAASWDP‎ moot, although there's still a lot that can be done.
*'''Missing Lore''': I'm not 100% convinced that every author or person named in a book needs their own entry on Lore:People, but that's what's happened so far, and I'm maybe... 35% convinced. At the very least, we need a list of which people remain and then to decide how we want to handle all of them.
*'''Shadowkey''': To a first approximation, this is done. It still needs a page about leveling, and the creature page is rubbish. The trouble is that many aspects of documenting the game are difficult given the lack of a console. I need to play the game through several more times to make sure the (reasonable) assumptions I've made always hold.
*'''Mobile Games''': Since I now have a phone made ''after'' the Industrial Revolution, I can play Stormhold, Dawnstar and Oblivion Mobile. I need to play these through then start helping to write the pages for them.*'''Books''': Once Lord of Souls comes out we can work out a better way of doing pages, categories and everything else. At the moment it's all a bit ad-hoc.}}
*'''Travel Back In Time''': Now I have Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire and Redguard, play them. The trouble is that Arena runs too slowly, Daggerfall is astronomically dull, and Battlespire and Redguard crash.