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{{Notice|message=I guess I have to inform you about my recent inactivity. Since I've gone to college, my life has become a lot busier. But I shouldn't beat around the bush and tell you the real reason. I've grown a bit disillusioned with the Elder Scrolls games (not with the site, however), and since I don't have any of the games anymore, I don't feel the pressing need to go and be active on this site. So, in case this is a definite goodbye, I want to thank you for all the fun times I've had here. <sup><font color=black>[[User_Talk:Wolok gro-Barok|Talk]]</font></sup> <font color=green>[[User:Wolok gro-Barok|Wolok gro-Barok]]</font> <sub><font color=black>[[Special:Contributions/Wolok gro-Barok|Contributions]]</font></sub> 00:05, 5 December 2010 (UTC)}}
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Studying geology at Universiteit Utrecht.{{NewLine}} ==Me Listening to good rock from the seventies. Playing Morrowind. Playing chess on Other sites== [ Gameknot].
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