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You might also want to check out the [[Daggerfall:Cheats|Daggerfall Cheats]] page, which contains hints closer to cheating.
== Custom Class Tips ==
Vets of the Elder Scrolls series usually choose to create a custom class in Daggerfall.
A useful combonation of advantages and disadvantages (for combat oriented classes) are:
* Health Regeneration (Advantage)
* Rapid Healing (Advantage)
* Unable to Regain Spell Points (Disadvantage)
* Unable to cast spells in Light & Darkness (2 Disadvantages)
This will allow you to regain HP at an exponentual rate AND level faster!
== General Gameplay Tips ==
#Get to a sufficient level that you encounter vamps/werebeasts
#Make yourself a good regenerate health spell and a cheap heal spell
#Find a vamp or werebeast
#Cast regeneration
#Keep heal ready just in case health gets too low.
#Sit back and get pounded by werewolves and/or vampires.
Supposedly there is a 0.6% chance per hit of being infected, so just get hit 200x and you're almost sure to get the disease. You might wanna play around with has worked every time for me but there are several versions of Daggerfall out there.
== Get Ebony, Orcish, & Daedric items ==
Having a hard time completing that collection of Daedric, Orcish, or Ebony equipment? Do you feel that your current suit of mismatched armor looks like a Heinz-57 monster almost as ugly as a Flesh Atronach? Are you too impatient to wait until at least level 25 or a maxed-out Luck attribute? I know the feeling. Over time I was able to collect a nearly complete suit of Dwarven, but then moved on to better armor. I never was able to find a pair of Dwarven Boots. :D But, I did discover how to finally complete an entire suit of Daedric at only level 15 and with Luck at a mere 60.
First of all, if your Luck is not already about 95 or 100, go find or create an item with ''Jack of Trades''. As far as magic items go, it's ''not'' too uncommon. If you can't find one in random treasure hunting (see [[Daggerfall:Cheats#Getting_Better_Treasure|Getting Better Treasure]] on the [[Daggerfall:Cheats|Daggerfall Cheats]] page), sometimes they will be sold in the Mages Guild. If necessary, go visit the Mages Guild in several towns to find one, or boost your Rank in the guild until you can access the Item Maker. Luck plays a significant role in (among other things) determining the quality of items found - not just in treasure piles, but also on enemy item drops and even the stuff appearing on store shelves!
I'm assuming your character's Luck is naturally around 60 or more. Now that you have a ''Jack of Trades'' item, save your game and then equip it. Now go to the stats screen and look at your Luck. If your level is about 15 or more it should boost it by about 40 points to nearly 100. (If your level is only about 10 or so, it may only be around 80 or 90.) But if it is significantly less than this, try loading that save and then equip the item again. Every time the ''Jack of Trades'' activates, the resulting increase is randomly generated, based in part on your level. (However, do remember to unequip it before resting, traveling or otherwise not needed! Otherwise, it will become used and eventually break.)
Then, go pay a visit to the local Weaponsmiths and Armorers. If you have lots of gold in the form of ''Letters of Credit'' (at least $600k, preferably $1 million or more) you might be able to buy a suit of Daedric. (Having a personality score of 95 or 100 or equipping an item of ''Charisma'' and/or ''Enhance Skill Mercantile'' will make this much cheaper.) Or if you are into thievery, you could try burglary or shoplifting. But to get the very best stuff in a short amount of time, this is how:
Having a Ship is important. It makes resetting stores a snap so the inventory refreshes. (Otherwise, use the ''Recall'' spell or ''Levitate'' with "1" in cheat mode to exit the city fast and return.) Target the best Armorer in town. If you can not find one described as ''"you can't detect the slightest defect"'', go look in a different town. There are always one or two of these in the capitol of Daggerfall. But do not go inside the Armorer just yet!
Next, look for a building in front of this high-end Armorer. Ideally, the door of this other building will be facing the door to the Armorer. Go inside this building and turn around with the door right in your face. SAVE. Then go through the door, walk across the street and enter the Armorer for the first time. Search each shelf carefully for what you're missing or desire. If nothing strikes your fancy, immediately load that save and try again. Do this over and over. This is fast and eventually you'll hit pay dirt.
When you find what you want or need, either buy it or swipe it. But do ''not'' save just yet. (See below for why.) Immediately exit the store and then go to your ship (or leave town). Immediately come back to town and return to inside that building across the street, facing the door again. Now save. Repeat as often as necessary. After several hours of this, I was finally able to complete a full suit of Daedric. (Took me forever to find a single pair of Daedric Gauntlets...)
This is complicated, but it works. I've tried to save right in front of a store, but that does ''not'' work! If you load such a save and go inside the store, all the shelves will be '''empty'''! Even after leaving for your ship and then returning, the shelves might still be empty (verified in v2.13).
Another possible way to get hold of high-level weapons and armor is to use the spellmaker to create a "summon item" spell with the shortest possible duration. While the spell's description would suggest that the item disappears after the duration is over, it in fact does not - however, you cannot summon another item while the spell is still active. For this reason, it helps if you have a ship or join the fighters guild so you can sleep for 1 hour each cast to get your Magicka back and to time the effect out.
Summoned items are generally made of the lowest quality materials - about 50% of summoned cuirasses will be leather, chain or iron. However, there is a chance to get virtually any level of item quality, including Orcish and Daedric (Checked in version 213). It's also a good way to raise Mysticism relatively quickly and make a bit of extra cash if you don't believe in robbing stores.
== Not all Item Powers work ==
For serious item enchanting, I would suggest reading ''The (In)Famous Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall'' by Mark Stinson. (In particular, see the ''Enchanting Items'' section.) Even veteran players can find some of the info very useful. There are numerous tables and charts that details most item enchantment potential and details item powers, side effects, soul binding, and other info. Most importantly, it gives sound advice and '''explains''' why some item powers are '''useless''' or at least inferior to alternatives.
However, there still appears to be a '''few''' discrepancies and factual errors. In other words, players should not assume that any game charts or material is 100% accurate, particularly since using different patches can significantly alter gameplay.
=="Potent vs." Powers==
While playing around in the Item Maker and reading guides, I decided to try out the ''Potent vs.'' powers. In particular, I wanted to see if ''Potent vs. Undead, Humanoid'', or ''Daedra'' would be at all affected by the [[Daggerfall:Cheats#Multiple_Low_Damage_Vs._Side_Effects_Trick|Multiple Low Damage Vs. Side Effects Trick]]. (See section on the [[Daggerfall:Cheats|Daggerfall Cheats]] page.) So after making several tests out of Daedric Katana and Daedric Long Bows, I headed off for random graveyards and dungeons to test them out. I tried three versions of these weapons: One '''without any''' enchantment, one with ''Featherweight'', ''Potent vs. Undead'' and ''Vampiric Effect When Strikes'', and one with the multiple side effect ''Low Damage vs. Animals'', in addition to those powers.
I eventually found a Vampire Ancient and saved the game. I reloaded and tried each weapon in turn. Each time I carefully counted the number of blows it took to finish the dangerous fiend off. Result? It took between 4, 5, and 6 blows to kill it. I repeated this '''many''' dozens of times with each weapon, making well over a 100 blows in total. (There were a couple occasions where it only took 3 blows, but I assume this was a Critical Strike.) On average... each weapon took 5 blows. I could tell no significant difference.
Not convinced, I continued until finding an Ancient Lich and saved again. Again, I repeated this many dozens of times with each weapon. It took between 3, 4, and 5 blows to finish it and, on average, each weapon took 4 blows. No difference. So, I started over again with a plain Daedric Katakana and one with ''Potent vs. Undead'' as the '''only''' power or side effect. I went to a graveyard, found a Zombie and saved. It took between 3, 4, and 5 blows to finish it and, on average, each weapon took 4 blows. Both weapons fared the '''same'''!
Thinking that perhaps this was just ''Vs. Undead'', I repeated that experiment with using ''Potent vs. Humanoids'' instead. I tried them out on a Rogue. Same thing: After many dozens of blows with each I'm quite confident that each weapon took 4 blows on average. In other words, despite claims to the contrary all four of the ''Potent vs.'' powers are '''worthless''' (at least in v2.13)! Note that I have '''not''' been using buggy cheats, game editors, or any hacks. My game is 100% original and very stable.
==Vampiric Effect ==
I find that the ''Vampiric Effect When Strikes'' is '''extremely''' useful. (Tip: Adding ''Cast When Strikes: Energy Leech'' is also useful, particularly for characters without Athleticism or an Endurance of 100. It saves from having to rest all the time between fights.) It makes, for example, fighting Barbarians, Vampire Ancients and Ancient Liches bearable as my character recovers almost as much health as the fiends can dish out. Curious as to what ''Vampiric Effect At Range'' might do (since it costs twice as much), I made test items of two Daedric Longbows and headed for nearby graveyards. Finding some Rogues and Bards, I saved and proceeded to turn them into pincushions. After dozens of blows with each, I can safely say that while ''Vampiric Effect When Strikes'' works fine, ''Vampiric Effect At Range'' does not seem to do anything. I repeated this with two Daedric Katana with similar results.
==A Trick to raise Magic Skills==
This trick takes advantage of the people at the Mages' Guild, who kindly regenerate a sorcerer's magicka. Possibly it will work for any character who does not naturally recover magicka. Start by making some cheap cantrips [[Daggerfall:Leveling_and_Skills#Cheapest_Spells_to_Make|like these]]. Then approach any member of the guild. Cast the cheap cantrip over and over. Then ask the guild member for whatever service he performs (e.g. buy spells). He'll recharge you. You've practiced that skill enough to raise it a level. Until around 50%, casting the cantrip until your magicka is gone is enough. After that you may need to get recharged and use it up again - no worry, the guild members will recharge you any time your magicka is less than full. When you've practiced all the skills you want to raise, go sleep on it and they'll go up. Tedious? You bet, but if you haven't got or don't want to use a character editor, it's the easy way to get those spell skills to where spells are affordable.
==Looting From A Stack Of Bodies==
Especially if you are using the "cast fireball and absorb, repeat" method of killing, you can end up with a stack of bodies. Sometimes, there will be bodies with no loot stacked on top of bodies with loot, leaving you unable to get to the goodies that you just fought so hard for. To overcome this problem, simply save and reload. All of the corpses that were stacked close together will collapse into a single corpse with all of the loot. (This was done with the recently released v2.13 free copy of Daggerfall.)