Oblivion Mod:Tool Features

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Savegame Management
:* Move, rename, duplicate savegames.
:* Note: some OBSE extensions (e.g. pluggy) add "cofiles", which must move moved, renamed and duplicated in sync with changes to savegame files.
:* {{WryeLink|Wrye Bash|Wrye%20Bash.html}} (also supports cofiles) [LINK NOT WORKING].
; Load Masters
:* Reset active mod list to match master mod list of a given save. Prevents accidental addition or removal of mods from list.
:* {{WryeLink|Wrye Bash|Wrye%20Bash.html|LoadMasters}} [LINK NOT WORKING].
:* Allow the user to switch between different sets of savegames. Switching should also switches the set of loaded files. Typically this is used for switching between different characters, and sometimes different users.
:* {{WryeLink|Wrye Bash|Wrye%20Bash.html|SaveProfiles}} [LINK NOT WORKING].
==Savegame Repair==