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What kind of idiot makes this kind of spelling error on his own user page? Oh...
**'''Official Mods''': Add an option to display official mod images on the maps.
**'''UI Improvements''': Such as letting people show only certain elements. See the later comments on "External UI" for why this isn't trivial. We may end up simply including the mod images by default instead.
**'''External UI''': Coming up with some kind of interface so that others can add mod info to our map. This one is really, really blue-sky. The problem with this is handling several mods at once. At zoom level 16 (the highest zoom on OB) or 17 (on MW), it's not ''too'' bug but a problem because mods are rarely packed together that tightly. The problem comes when you zoom out, because several mods will be competing for the same tile. The solution may be to only show mods on the highest zooms, although that'll look really odd if people use things like the Unique Landscapes. It's possible this idea simply isn't going to fly.
**'''Other Stuff''': Pie-in-the-sky stuff like contour lines and incorporation of Nephele's monster/ingredient maps}}
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