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*The above setup is a very realistic setup for playing Oblivion with a controller, however, some features, such as grabbing and dropping items from the Inventory, and placing map markers could not be implemented, due to some restrictions with Xpadder.
*Assigning Enter to Activate inside Oblivion will allow it to be used for menu selections, item selections from containers, and activation without conflict, thus requiring only Enter to be assigned to the A Button, along with Left Click for speech skipping.
*You may find it useful to assign the up and down arrow keys as second bindings for up and down on the left joystick for easy menu and inventory navigation. The left and right bumper buttons are better for the left and right arrows (rather than assigning all 4 to the left joystick) because they are not used during menus, and will be less likely to leave you accidentally changing back and forth between pages while trying to scroll a list in your inventory.
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