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Get a '''Horse and Wagon''' as soon as possible...a great asset to have (Wagon in original game can carry 1000 kg. Early patches reduced this to 500 kg, but later patches bumped it back up to 750 kg.)
You can make easy money with a little '''graveyard tour'''. Graveyards always have a crypt which is a dungeon with only 2 to 4 rooms. In most crypts there are also only 2 or 3 enemies. But each crypt I found contained between 2 and 7(!) loot piles. So start a city of your liking, travel to the next graveyard, plunder the crypt, leave it (it resets) and plunder it again, if it contained engoughenough loot piles. If not travel to the next graveyard. You can continue this until you're fully encumbered. You can easily make around 10,000 gold in about 3 ingame days. For starter characters this is a really useful method.
== Distorted Towns ==
'''Answer''': Maybe you have been hit by spell? Try a "Heal Wisdom" custom spell. This option in the spellmaker seems to imply that there is a way to have a "damaged" attribute!
'''Answer''': Early versions of the game had a problem with the poison / disease part. If you were hit by a nightbladenaccountightblade and you were poisoned, a cure poison spell didn't work and several attributes dived towards 0. After 12-24 hours or so the 'poison' changed to witches pox, a deadly disease. Then a cure disease spell worked. It turns out that casting cure disease when you are poisoned in this case heals you. This is fixed in the v1.79 patch I believe.
'''Answer''': This problem was addressed in ''The (In)Famous Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall'' by Mark Stinson on page 47. It's not clear whether this effect was a bug or a 'feature.' However, this problem does not seem too uncommon. Basically, an attribute may fail to return to normal after unequipping an attribute-boosting item that was worn for long periods. (So consider removing such items before traveling or extended periods of sleep! Besides, this saves these items from wearing out too fast.) The sudden drop in attribute may be up to half of the original value. But there are two methods of fixing this in-game. One is to get healed at a temple. The other is to create and use a custom ''Heal Attribute'' Restoration spell that's specific for the damaged attribute. (However, I've been wearing these items for long periods in v2.13 and I have yet to be bothered with this problem.)